Fiji Times

The Fiji Times newspaper was first published Saturday 4th September 1869 in Levuka. It was originally published weekly, then twice weekly, and now a daily newspaper. Click here to view libraries/archives that hold the Fiji Times in their collection. Libraries in Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States.

Births, Marriages and Deaths in the Fiji Times

Click here to view transcriptions of birth, marriages and deaths (BMD) published in the Fiji Times from 1869.

Turpin’s Fiji Directory 1874 

A transcription of the Fiji Directory from 1874 can be viewed here. The directory  was published in Turpin’s Fijian nautical and commercial almanac and Fiji directory 1874.

Stewarts Handbook of the Pacific Islands (1921)

Stewarts_handbookStewarts handbook of the Pacific Islands was compiled by Percy S. Allen and various editions were published between 1908-1923. The 1921 edition lists Fiji residents but does not include others not having a vote. I have transcribed the list of residents (952 names), which you can view by clicking here.

Family Trees

Click here to view a list of online family trees online, websites and Facebook groups and pages for families from Fiji.

ANZACS from Fiji

Mapping Our Anzacs is a searchable database of WWI service records managed by the National Archives of Australia. I have searched the Mapping Our Anzacs database and have collated a list of soldiers who were born in Fiji by birth place and a separate name list. The links on the lists take you to the soldiers full service record on the Mapping Our Anzacs database. Click here to view lists.


A short list of books, articles that covers the history of Fiji during the 19th century can be viewed here.

Fiji Oral History Map

Fiji Oral History Map is an interactive webpage that collects oral histories by Fijians and about Fiji. The Map is a user generated database of video, audio and written testimonials of Fijians worldwide. The goal of the Fiji Oral History Map is to reflect the diversity and expansiveness of the Fijian community worldwide and to provide a forum for members of the community to share, explore and enjoy personal stories of Fiji and to connect globally. Click here for more details.
Image Sources:
Fiji Times The Fiji Times (1869, Sept 4).
 Stewarts Handbook of the Pacific Islands (1921) Allen, Percy S. (1921). Stewarts handbook of the Pacific Islands. [Image: book cover]. Sydney : McCarron, Stewart.
Fiji Oral History Map Fiji Oral History Map. Fiji Time Film ( Author’s screenshot, 28 Nov 2013.



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