Based on birth and death certificates I’ve come across, the earliest records for Sorby’s in Fiji are as follows:

1. Thomas Sorby born about 1847.  He was a carpenter.

Children with Emmeline Bui Pickering born about 1859, Fiji (Emmaline and Thomas were not married):

Bilo Sorby born 1878 Na Tovutovu, Rewa and two other children born before 1878.

Twins (male and female) born and died 1893

Emmeline Pickering died 18 November 1893, presumably while giving birth to twins (male and female) who sadly also died.

2. George Sorby born about 1855, Kaba, Fiji married about 1876 Matilda Farrell who was born about 1856 in Togani, Fiji. George was a sawyer.


Elizabeth Sorby born 1878 Na Tovutovu, Rewa and 2 other children who were born before 1878 – one child having died by 1878.

3. Mary Sorby born in Kaba, Bau, Fiji married in Rewa James Dyer born about 1844, Bureta, Ovalau.


Helen Dyer born 1877 and five other children born before 1877.

My Sorby lineage is through my great-great grandmother Maraia Sorby, daughter of Thomas Sorby and Emmeline Bui Pickering. [Thomas Sorby>>Maraia Sorby>>Ruth O’Connor>>Elizabeth Rounds>>Lawrence Stewart>>Dulcie Stewart]

Updated 3 April  2014.


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