Shaw (Sorr)

Sipiriano Sorr, was a ‘Manila-man’ who arrived in Fiji on the Manila based Spanish brig Laurice. The Laurice had arrived in Fiji in 1825 to seek beach-der-mer. The brig had anchored near the island of Viwa to fish for and cure  beach-der-mer. The crew mutinied and killed the captain. According to oral family history he was either the ships chaplain or magician, possibly both.

The family later changed their surname to Shaw and reside at Nukuwatu, Lami near Suva.


Fiji Times articles and Letters to the Editor about Nukuwatu, Lami

My Shaw lineage is through my great-great-great grandmother Anna Sor, daughter of Sipiriano Sorr and Marama. [Anna Sor>>Victor Rodan>>Filomena Rodan>>John Stewart>>Lawrence Stewart>>Dulcie Stewart]

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