Charles Pickering was born in 1814 in New South Wales, Australia to Charles Pickering and Catherine Burn/Byrne (public records list both spellings). He arrived in Fiji in the late 1830s. Charles had children from a few women (Fijian, Tongan, Fijian/Tongan and Fijian/European).

Note:  I’ve changed Charles  Pickering (1814-1867) timeline into 1814-1831 (Australia) and 1830s-1867 (Fiji). I’ve  only updated the years from 1814-1831 and will be working on his years in Fiji. Regards, Dulcie (11 February, 2013).

Click here to read about Charles Pickerings early life in Australia: 1814 – 1831.

My Pickering lineage is through my great-great-great grandmother Emmeline Bui Pickering, daughter of Charles Pickering and Liku [Emmeline Bui Pickering>>Maraia Sorby>>Ruth O’Connor>>Elizabeth Rounds>>Lawrence Stewart>>Dulcie Stewart] AND my great-great grandmother Fanny Pickering, daughter of Charles Pickering and Burekaria Tavuakovei [Fanny Pickering>>David Rounds>>Elizabeth Rounds>>Lawrence Stewart>>Dulcie Stewart]

Updated: 26 June, 2013


19 Responses to Pickering

  1. Keith Saunders says:

    Charles had a sister Mary Anne who was born in NSW in 1818 and who married John Greenwood who came free to NSW in 1811.
    Mary and John farmed in the Ashfield/Canterbury area of Sydney.

    • Tricia says:

      Hi Keith, I am descended from Mary Ann and John. Interested to communicate with any other descendants and invite them to join me at the next reunion in Rewa in Fiji in 2012 with our Fiji cousins.

      • Dulcie S. says:

        Hi Tricia, I was in contact with Norman Stevens in 2005. Norm is also descended from Mary Ann and John. I’ve lost contact with him. Are you in contact with him?

      • Judy Taylor says:

        Hi , Tricia .. I am in contact with a James Pickering Living in Nadi Fiji, who is trying to find out about Charles Pickering Jnr born 1814 NSW
        Here is his email. xxxxxxxx. [Email address removed by Dulcie] seeing you also live in Fiji I am sure he would love to hear from you.

        Lots of luck in your search
        Judy Taylor
        Lurnea 2170

  2. Tricia says:

    Sorry Dulcie. The only email address I had just bounced back to me!

  3. Judy Taylor says:

    my name is Judy Taylor. My ex husband is a decendant of Charles Pickering and Catherine Byrne ( Burn ) Mary Anne was born the day her parents were married 3/8/1818 at Newcastle,by special licence, Brother Charles was born 4 yrs prior at twofold Bay NSW. Mary Anne and John Greenwood ( gold miner) Had Catherine ( plus others) who later married a Samuel lecount ( this is where it joins us)
    Samuel had a daughter ( plus others) Charlotte Annie, who married a William Taylor, Then producing, Charles R.J. Taylor, who then produced my ex Roy Mervyn,
    Hope this is of interest I am in contact with a decendent in Nadi Fiji James Pickering who is after info. here is his email address. xxxxxxx
    [Email address removed by Dulcie]

    • Dulcie S. says:

      Hi Judy, Dulcie here. I am the administrator for this blog.

      Tricia is also a descendant of Mary Anne and lives in NSW and not in Fiji.

      There is a reunion planned for 2012 in Fiji.

      I’d love to get any information you have on Charles and Catherine.

      • Judy Taylor says:

        HI Dulcie. Have not been on this site for about 10 years. Once my divorce was settled I had no more interest on my Ex’s side but have kept some paperwork on Charles and Katherine Pickering I can copy and send on to you if you contact me with details. If you click onto Trove.com.au you will find some interesting stuff on both Charles and Catherine

  4. Rita Thorne says:

    I am seeking information about Archibald Taylor who married Mary Charlotte Pickering, the daughter of William Pickering, on 4 June 1873 at Dela Ni Vanua, Tai Levu, Viti Levu, Fiji. I believe Archibald Taylor was a Magistrate.

    Can anyone provide me with any information?

    Many thanks

  5. Louise O'Sullivan says:

    Hi Dulcie,
    I have a birth record for Abraham Pickering 1878, mother Jese Rider, father Charles Pickering aged 31 born Fotuna. I am presuming it is Futuna and Wallis.
    Do you have a list of the various partners of the original Charles?

    Louise O’Sullivan

    • Dulcie S. says:

      Hi Louise,

      Charles Pickering (1814-1867) had children from various women in Fiji who were of Fijian, Tongan, Fijian/Tongan, European/Fijian heritage.

      According to the online Pickering family tree (http://www.myheritage.com/site-3050332/pickering-family-web-site) maintained by Jocelyn Pickering, Charles Pickering had a child called Abraham Pickering with a Jessie Ryder.

      A list of some of Charles partners is on the website I mentioned adove. I do believe it’s set on private but if you send a message via the website to Aunty Jocelyn, she’ll be able to help you.


  6. jess.ilianak@yahoo.com says:

    HI my name is Jessie and I was named after my great grandmother Jessie HIll…I was wondering if there is a possibility that the pickering family was connected to a Jessie Hill. all I know was that she married a tora??

  7. Tim Evans says:


    My Grandmother was born Elizabeth Margaret Pickering, in Ba, Fiji. Her father was William George Pickering. Her mother was a Schuster from Samoa. We are unsure whether they were married in Samoa or in Fiji and also not sure where William was born. He died in Auckland ~1990, and was born ~1910.

    He brought his family; Elizabeth, Patricia and George, with my Great Grandmother from Ba to Auckland. Do you have any information regarding William and how he might link into your family tree? I have very little information but am very keen to learn more about my Grandmother’s ancestry.

    Kind Regards,
    Tim Evans

  8. Adi says:

    A very good afternoon to you all .
    Reading your correspondence , very interested to know more .
    My grandmother is Amy Pickering ( descendant of James and Jessie Pickering ) from Rewa .
    My great grandfather James was married to Jessie Lilo from Rakiraki .
    My grandmother Amy has 3 brothers and 5 sisters namely , Abraham, Philip, John, Leena,Tessa,Amy,Ruth , Maraiah, Lavinia .


  9. Margaret Stacey says:

    Hi Adi
    I know your query was almost a year ago and I am wondering if you have had any success in getting some information. I am the granddaughter of Charles Pickering (your great grandfather’s brother) and knew all your great aunts and uncles and most of their children. Would love to catch up to see how you are doing with your research. You can reach me at mmstacey17@gmail.com.

  10. d durand says:

    i am looking for am emily pickering (whippy) from savve years ago

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