Family Trees

A list of family trees online, websites and Facebook groups and pages.

Family Trees

BEDDOES and SORBY by Millis Malcolm Beddoes.

BINGWOR by James Francis Bingwor. Benny Ho BING and Maraia VINAU of Yavu Village, Batiki, Lomaiviti in Fiji.

BROWN family tree on MyHertiage by Philip Brown.

BURNESS by John Burness.

CHAMBERS family tree on TribalPages.

Genealogy of the Fijian Royal Family by Henry Soszynski.

Descendants of John HARMON and Esther ELLETSON by Winston Kitchener Powell.

Descendants of John HARMON and Esther ELLETSON (PDF file – 6 generations) by Winston Kitchener Powell.

Edward HICKES and Lucia BULIYARAGI family tree on MyHertiage.

Claude KINGDON and Elizabeth SORBY on

MILLER and Thomas Flower PICKERING family tree on MyHeritage by Donna Lalabalavu.

Gustavus PETERSEN and Cordelia VALENTINE family tree on MyHertiage.

Charles PICKERING family tree on MyHertiage by Jocelyn Pickering.

Charles PICKERING family tree on MyHertiage by James Pickering.

Daniel POWELL and Maria Jannet JENKINS family tree by Winston Kitchener Powell.

Carole RILEYs family tree includes some lines of the following families from Fiji: MILLER, O’CONNOR, RILEY, RYDER, SORBY, WHIPPY.

Charles ROUNDS and Francis (Vani) PICKERING family tree on TribalPages by Dennis Rounds.

RYDER family tree on MyHeritage by Louise O’Sullivan

SIMPSON family tree on MyHertiage by Julian Simpson.

Archibald TAYLOR and Mary Charlotte PICKERING family tree on MyHertiage by Tamsy Simpson Griffen.

WILLIAMS family tree on TribalPages by Dennis Rounds.

David WHIPPY by Winston Kitchener Powell

Family Websites

John ACRAMAN ( Website no longer online (22 May 2013), however you can view this page via The Internet Archive website here.

BEDDOES by Mick Beddoes. Francis Charles BEDDOES and Lisa VALENTINE.

Elizabeth CABELL and Charles COMPAIN by Thomas Woodson Family Association.

MARSEU and Maraea UNDERWOOD by Olivia Pickering.

MORRIS family of Fiji and Rotuma Yahoo! Group.

Augustavus PETERSEN of Salem, Sweden and Cordelia Martha VALINTINE of Levuka, Ovalau, Fiji by allcat.

PETERSEN family Tovu Tovu Resort (Taveuni) website.

PETERSEN  Website: Reunion 2010

Charles PICKERING family reunion website.

SIMPSON ( website no longer online (22 May 2013).

Archibald TAYLOR and Mary Charlotte PICKERING family website by the Taylor Family Association.

The WHITESIDE’s of Oceania by Bruce Whiteside.

Robert WOLFGRAMM ( Website is no longer online (22 May 2013), however you can view this page via The Internet Archive website here.


BONNAR family on Facebook.

EYRE family on Facebook.

FISHER family on Facebook.

FOX family on Facebook

HENNINGS family on Facebook.

HICKS family on Facebook – descendants of John Hicks.

HILL family on Facebook.

JOHANSEN family reunion 2016 group.

KING family group page –  descendants of John King.

KING family group page.

LOCKINGTON family and friends group.

McGOON family on Facebook – descendants of James Magoun.

Descendants of the MOREL brothers – Raymond and Horace MOREL family on Facebook. Spelling variations: MOREL / MORELL/ MORRELL.

O’CONNOR Family on Facebook.

Charles PICKERING family on Facebook.

Hugh Hall RAGG and Margaret Bridget BYRNE family on Facebook.

Frank RODAN and Ana Levu SORR (SHAW) family on Facebook.

RYDER family on Facebook. Includes  LOCKINGTON, HENRY, DANFORD, URMSON, WHIPPY families that married into the Ryder family.

ROSA family on Facebook.

SIMMONS family on Facebook

SMITH family on Facebook. Descendant of Joseph Herbert SMITH and Flora MITCHEL (vasu Lovoni) from Levuka and Qamea, Fiji.

THAGGARD family on Facebook.

THAGGARD 2nd Family Reunion (2015) Facebook group page.

Achilles UNDERWOOD and Terugona (of Kadavu) family on Facebook.

VALENTINE family on Facebook.

VALENTINE family on Facebook.

WENDY family group page.

WILSON family on Facebook.

David WHIPPY family on Facebook.


Robert BLANCH and Christina Harriet ABBOT from page 288 by Kevin Matthews.

CORRIE Family Reunion in 2009. Article from Fiji Times. Family matters by Francis Whippy. Thursday, July 30, 2009.

ROUNDS family Reunion in 2007. Article from Fiji Times. Rounds near and far unite at family reunion. Monday, December 17, 2007.

Henry Landseer Walter TRIPP and Sula May SWANSTON (daughter of Robert Sherson Swantson) See Burke, Bernard. (1891). A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Colonial Gentry. London: Harrison. Vol. 1 (pp. 237-240) and Vol. 2 (pp. xxii).

THAGGARD The beginning of the Fiji ‘Thaggards’ by Bania Thaggard-Thomas. Fiji Times Sunday, October 07, 2012.


St Andrew’s Church Suva Fiji Parish Baptisms 1915 to 1920 Presbyterian Baptisms in Suva. You can purchase a copy from the New Zealand Prebyterian Church.

Frederick Herbert SWANN, Private, 17th Battalion, 9th Reinforcement. AIF Project Website.

The David WHIPPY’s Family of Nantucket and Fiji by Sharifa Simmons. Includes information about William SIMPSON.

Updated:  8 August 2014.


5 Responses to Family Trees

  1. john ayton says:

    does anyone remember my uncle Mathew Whan was a missionary in FIJI aroung late 1930s

  2. Sairusi Rokocikavira says:

    Does anyone remember, that Two Ladies were picked from Malake island namely Aralai Nadula and Nani Sova who than transported to Levuka. (Achieves Fiji details proved this and oral submission from Malake Island People, Ra) Our notes indicated that the Mcgoon and the The Wise started from this line in Fiji. if you have any information on this, please drop e mail to We understand that we have some blood ties in Vagadaci, Levuka but we would like to have a reunion in December 2015. Pls help me.

  3. Eddie Karoua says:

    Hi, impressive work here and I would love to have a copy of the O’Connor family three. I am also descendant of Charles O’Connor in Kiribati from my mother’s side. My great grandfather is the late Anare O’Connor – son of Charles O’Connor and Ritia of Nikunau island.

  4. Jan Montgomery says:

    Hi, Im trying to locate the grave of my great grandfather Robert Vicars in Suva. His wife and at least 4 of his 8 children, including Harold, Hedley, Jean and Cora, left Suva for Wellington New Zealand in the ?1920s. I would love any information at all about my family here in Fiji.

  5. Ajeet Singh says:

    Hello, I am doing some research on Savu Savu on Edward Cadigan, if you have any information, pictures, please feel free to reach out to me. I am working on a family tree and this will help me greatly. – Vinaka ..Ajeet SIngh

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