Turpin’s Fiji Directory 1874


Published in 1874, Turpin’s Fijian nautical and commercial almanac and Fiji directory[1] is a combination of nautical information for 1874, trade advertising and a directory of white residents and a very small number of Chinese in Fiji.

The nautical almanac describes  the positions of a selection of celestial bodies in the year 1874, for the purpose of enabling navigators to use celestial navigation to determine the position of their ship while at sea.[2]

In the nautical almanac  section “anniversaries, festivals and remarkable days” that happened in Fiji and around the world are also listed.

Fiji Directory 1874

The Fiji Directory is divided into the following sections:

1. A list of Places of worship, Levuka Municipality, Mechanics Institute, Levuka Hospital – page 27.

2. Levuka Business Directory – pages 28-29.

3. Levuka General Directory – pages 30-32.

4. Fiji General Directory: Levuka Excepted – pages 33-38.

Page 27


Church of England   Rev. W. Floyd
Roman Catholic        Rev. Pere Breberet
Wesleyan                  Rev. D. S. Wylie and J. H Simmonds


Mayor–Otty Cudlip; Councillors – Issac O’Donnell, Richard Bentley, Matthew Wilson, Stephen J. Cusack, William Fisher, John Evans, George L. Griffiths (Treasurer). Town Clerk – T. Klinesmith.


President                    Mr. F. H. Duffty.
Vice-President           Mr. T. A. Cartledge.
Secretary                    Mr. John Harman.


President                   The Hon. J. B. Thurston
Vice-President          The Hon. J. S. Butters
Hon. Treasurer         Mr. W. Cook.
Hon. Secretary          Mr. A. Lyons.
Committee: – Messers. I O’Donnell, S. Lazarus, M. Wilson. R. Bentley, G. Hennings, W. M. Ollivier, T. Parker, and C. Truscott.

Page 28


Merchants and Storekeepers:
F. & W. Hennings
F. C. Hedemann
D. Levy & Sons
T. D. Grover
A. M. Brodziak & Co.
M. H. Horwitz
Houng Lee & Co.
Sun Hing Long & Co.
J. C. Smith & Co.
W. S. Morgan
H. Norris & Co.
A. E. Doig
James McCulloch
Bowman, & Abrahams

Advocates, Supreme Court:
Sydney C. Burt, A. G.
D. W. L. Murray
E. S. Smith
Charles Truscott
G. R. B. Towson
Wm. Scott
P. S. Solomon
B. J. P. Sullivan

Advocates, Provisional Court.
Olaf S. Wheeler
George F. Pickering
E. J. Hawksley

Surgeons, &c.
John Chruickshank
– Gardiner
E. Hankey
– Patterson

Auctioneers and Commission Agents.
Otty Cudlip
James Morey
E. J. Turpin
W. H. Sarplice
Horace Smith
Rudolph R. Moeller
W. M. Ollivier
G. Cruickshank

Land and Estate Agent.
Edwin J. Turpin

Builders and Carpenters.
Wilson & Murchie
P. W. Murray
Chas. McIntyre
James Bennett
George Fraser
Henry Hirst
William Maharg
Robert Stephens
Josephy Sumpton
James Kennedy
Stephen J. Cusack
George Griffin
William T. Jaslett
Robert Milne
Robert Spowart
William A. Spiers

Shipwrights and Boatbuilders.
A. P. Plaisted
James Palmer
William H. Bruce
James McKay
John McInnes
Thomas Taylor
J. Small

Cabinet Makers.
Henry Raddock
Wong Sam

Henry Raddock

Page 29

Ginning Establishments.
J. C. Smith & Co.
F. & W. Hennings
F. C. Hedemann & Co.

Hotels and Keepers.
Lazarus & O’Connell, Criterion Hotel
Sturt & Yates, Levuka Hotel
Thotpe & McDougall, Albion Hotel
J. B. Simmonds, Auckland Hotel
J. C. McCallum, Oriental Hotel
J. R. Thompson, Royal Hotel
Issac O’Donnell, Empire Hotel
Daniel Sinclair, Sydney Hotel
Charles Leah, Star Hotel
J. H. Marrinon, Globe Hotel
H. Townsend, World’s End Hotel
John DeGraves, Lloyd’s Hotel
Louis Armstrong, Polynesian Hotel
George C. Johnson, Parade Hotel

John Evans
Pulley Bros.

A. Stevens
J. L. Morris
J. H. Marrinon

William Cousens
Benjamin Hooker

“Fiji Gazette.”
William Cook, Government Printer

“Fiji Times.”
George L. Griffiths, Proprietor

James Barrow

John L. Heydn & Sons
Smith Bros.

John DeGraves
John C. Hayden
H. Spray
W. Mordue

Alex. Martelli
George Moore
John Berry
John Holmes

Page 30


ABRAHAMS, Abraham, storekeeper
Ah Pow, ditto
Ah See, ditto
Ah Jack, ditto
Agar, William, compositor
Asmus, William, boatbuilder
Anderson, John, carpenter
Anderson, John, baker
Anderson, David, master mariner
Angell, George E., valet
Anslow, William, carpenter
Ah Pau, gardener
Armstrong, Louise, hotelkeeper
Avers, Albert, clerk
Ayles, William A., waterman

BAILEY, Richard, dairyman
Bailey, William Val, ditto
Baillie, Alan, merchant
Barrow, James, watchmaker
Bardsley, W. J.
Beatson, Henry J., master mariner
Berry, John, surveryor
Bentley, Richard, storekeeper
Bertram, Geroge
Bennett, James, carpenter
Birch, William
Blackmore, Fred P., captain H. F. M. S.
Booth, Ben.
Bowman, A. S., storekeeper
Breheret, Rev. J. Baptistic, R. C. Mission
Brower, Issac M., U. S. Consul
Brown, George, carpenter
Brougham, Patrick, sheriff
Brodziak, Adolph M., merchant
Bruce, William H., shipwright
Burke, David
Burt, Sydney C., advocate
Butters, J. S., speaker of H. A.
Butler, William, barman

CAIN, Christopher Thomas, printer
Cartledge, Thomas A., compositor
Cartwright, Frederick, A. Constabulary
Carter, Harcourt, ditto
Castles, John, mariner
Caterbridge, Stephen, master mariner
Chapman, John, baker
Chisholm, D. J., Govt. clerk
Christy, W. P., painter
Chin Ah Wee, gardener
Clarkson, Hon. C. H., Minister of Finance
Clay, Francis J.
Cocking, Thomas, cooper
Cocks, Robert, mariner
Cooper, Thomas, waterman
Cook, William, pub. “Govt. Gazette.”
Cook, Joseph B., clerk
Copeland, Thomas A., merchant
Conolly, John, labor agent
Corbett, THomas, dairyman
Couborough, A. Adair, clerk
Cousens, William, tailor
Cox, John, gaoler, Totoga
Cox, Richard, A. Constabulary
Croft, Carrington P.
Cruickshank, John, surgeon
Cudlip, James, clerk
Cudlip, Otty, auctioneer
Cudlip, Otty, clerk
Cusack, Stephen, carpenter
Davey, Thomas, clerk
Davis, W. Herson, planter
Davis, Thomas, washerman
Davidson, Thomas, carpenter
Dedden, Thomas, carpenter
DeGraves, John, hotelkeeper
Desire, A., mariner
Doig, Alex. E., merchant
Doughty, William
Douglas, David, master mariner
Drury, Charles W.
Douthat, Jedediah, dairyman
Douthat, John, ditto
Dufty, Alfred W., photographer
Dufty, Frederick H., ditto
Dyer, Samuel, mariner

EVANS, John, butcher
Estevini, George A.

FAIRHALL, Samuel, A. Constabulary
Ferguson, John, mariner
Finlay, John, contractor
Fitzgerald, William H., major
Fleming, Alred, Govt. clerk
Floyd, Rev. W., Church of England
Forwood, Charles R., advocate
Forwood, Charles H., lieut. H. F. M. S.
Forwood, W., clerk
Fraser, Louis, master mariner
Fraser, George, carpenter
Fowler, Thomas, bellman
Fullarton, James M., agent

Page 31

GARRICK, J. J., Judge S. C.
Gardiner, –, surgeon
Giblin, John B., Govt. clerk
Good, William, clerk
Groom, W. O., mariner
Greenland, G.
Griffin, George, carpenter
Griffiths, G. L. proprietor “Fiji Times”
Grover, Thomas D., merchant
Gundry, Hamilton D., lieut. H. F. M. S.
Green, –, mariner
Glenny, Joseph

HACKETT, William, chemist
Haddock, Robert, master mariner
Hankey, E., surgeon
Harding, James, A. Constabulary
Harman, Edward, interpreter
Harris, Issac, master mariner
Hayden, J. C., sailmaker
Hall, William S., editor “Fiji Times”
Hamilton, William D., com. agent
Haslett, John M., Chief Postmaster
Haslett, William T., builder
Hawksley, E. J., advocate
Hazell, Richard, gentleman
Hedemann, F. C., merchant
Hedstrom, Nathaniel S., pilot
Hennings, F. W., German consul
Hennings, Gustave, merchant
Henley, William, master mariner
Heydn, John L., blacksmith
Heydn, Petham, ditto
Hickes, Weston, overseer
Hirst, Henry, carpenter
Hobday, John S., clerk
Hobson, John B., conveyancer
Holmes, John, surveyor
Howell, W., constable
Horwitz, Michael, merchant
Horton, T., bank manager
Hook, Alfred J., pianist
Hooker, Benjamin, draper
Houng lee, merchant
Hughes, Benjamin, master mariner
Hughes, Stephen E., clerk
Hunter, John, carpenter

JOHNSON, Geroge C., hotelkeeper
Jamieson, –, master mariner
Jones, Geroge
Jones, Benjamin W., A. Constabulary

KAHN, James, miner
Kennedy, James, carpenter
Kennedy, James, Military sergeant
Kenny, John
Kingsborough, George
Kingston, Richard, Govt. office-keeper
Klinesmith, T., town clerk
Kopson, William, clerk

LANDFORD, John, Govt. clerk
Langton, Alfred, ditto
Laurence, Henry, Govt. storekeeper
Laurence, James
Lazarus, J. S., clerk
Lazarus, Simeon, hotelkeeper
Leah, Charles, hotelkeeper
L’Estrange, –, lieutenant
Ledingham, William, boarding-house
Levy, Abraham, merchant
Levy, David, ditto
Levy, Saul, ditto
Lowrie, George, mariner
Lupton, Alfred, clerk
Lyons, Alfred, ditto

MADDEN, M., waterman
Maharg, William, carpenter
Marrinon, John H., baker
Marshall, John, carpenter
Martelli, ALexander, surveyor
Martin, Alfred, master mariner
Martin, J. Packer G., A. Constabulary
McAulay, Robert
McCallum, J. C., hotelkeeper
McColloch, James, commission agent
McCormick, Samuel, engineer
McDonald, Wm., master mariner
MCDonald, –, ditto
McDougall, Robert, hotelkeeper
McFarlane, Angus, shipwright
McGowan, –, mariner
McGregor, Archibald, carpenter
McInness, John, shipwright
McIntyre, Charles, carpenter
McKay, James, shipwright
McKay, Lemuel C., master mariner
McKenzie, –, A. Constabulary
McLiver, Joon, ditto
Macnamara, George, Govt. clerk
Mordue, William, sailmaker
Miller, D. B., storeman
Milne, Robert, carpenter
Milne, Henry, clerk
Moeller, Rudolph R., general agent
Molloy, James, A., Constabulary
Moore, George, surveyor
Moore, James J., painter
Moore, John, carpenter
Morris, John N.
Morris, John L., baker
Morton, Thomas, mariner
Moss, M. M., storeman
Moss, Robert, clerk
Morgan, William S., merchant
Morgan, George, clerk
Murray, D’Arcy W. L., advocate
Murray, P. Weldon, contractor
Murchie, John, ditto

NEEDHAM, Joshua B., clerk
Nettleton, A. T. D., H. B. M. Ag. Consul
Norris, Henry, grocer

Page 32

OAKLEY, Edwin, carpenter
O’Donnell, Issac, hotelkeeper
O’Connell, William, ditto
Ollivier, Wilby M., Auditor-General

PAGE, Robert, storekeeper
Palmer, James, boatbuilder
Parker, John
Parker, Tomas, chemist
Patteson, –, surgeon
Pedro, A., waiter
Penboss, John, master mariner
Penman, William, builder
Peiffer, Adolph, storeman
Phillips, Thomas, barber
Pickering, George F., short-hand writer
Poulton, James E., engineer
Power, Patrick
Pulley, George, butcher
Pulley, Samuel, ditto
Plaisted, A. Peters, shipwright

RADDOCK, Henry, cabinet maker
Raymond, Henry, master mariner
Reilly, Miles, compositor
Ritchie, George, Police Sergeant
Rich, D. S., master mariner
Robertson, M. D., merchant
Robertson, Robt.
Robertson, W. D.
Rogers, Louis
Ruddy, Charles, chief clerk Post Office

SASSEN, Benjamin, blacksmith
Schule, Frederick, storeman
Schroder, Charles, mariner
Scott, Richard, clerk
Scott, William, advocate
Scott, Daniel, hotelkeeper
Senior, James, D., Inspector Constabry
Shepperd, William, boatbuilder
Spowart, Robert, carpenter
Simmonds, John B., hotelkeeper
Sims, John, boatbuilder
Simmons, Rev. J. H. Wes. Mission
Simpson, —
Sinclair, Daniel, hotelkepper
Sleigh, George H., engineer
Solomon, Phillip S., advocate
Solomon, Edward, commission agent
Spray, Henry, sailmaker
Spiers, John, carpenter
Stanley, Charles, constable
Stammerjohn, Charles, storeman
Stevens, Alfred, baker
Steel, Thomas, cordial manufacturer
Stevenson, Geo., Custom House officer
Stevens, Robert, carpenter
St. Julian, Sir Charles, chief judge
St. Julian, John, judges’ associate
St. Clair, Wm. H., painter
Stewart, C., printer
Stephens, Samuel, cook
Sturt, William, hotelkeeper
Smart, David, Collector of Customs
Smith, E., Shram, advocate
Smith, Cornelius, engineer
Smith, Horace, accountant
Smith, J. Cobbam, merchant
Smith, George, ditto
Smith, Stephen, engineer
Smith, Walter, clerk
Smithyman, —
Smith, B.
Sullivan, P., advocate
Sumpton, Joseph, carpenter
Surplice, Wm. Henry, auctioneer
Sun Hong Long, merchant
Swann, J. Butler, chemist
Swanston, R. Sherston, M. N. A.
Switzer, William, carpenter

TAYLOR, Thomas, boatbuilder
Thompson, John R., hotelkeeper
Thomas, W., Issac, Registrar S. C.
Thompson, John, Govt. clerk
Thurston, Hon. J. B., C. S.
Thurston, Henry Chas., Major H. M. F. S.
Thorpe, David, hotelkeeper
Townsend, Henry, ditto
Towson, George R. B., advocate
Treniward, Joseph, cook
Transcott, Charles, advocate
Turner, Edgar, interpreter
Turner, Nathaniel, storeman
Turpin, Edwin J., land & estate agent

Vercoe, J. P., clerk

WALTER, C. Kramer, clerk
Watts, James
Watson, George
Warbrook, John, A. Constabulary
Ward, R. B.
Weatherall, George, waiter
Wecker, Charles E., law agent
Whalley, George G., Govt. clerk
Wheeler, Olaf S., journalist
Whiteside, William G., bootmaker
Winchcombe, John P., advocate, P. C.
Wingate, Robert, surveyor
Wilkinson, Thomas, Cook
Winter, George
Wilkinson, David, interpreter
Wilson, Joseph M., mariner
Wilson, Mathew, builder
Wilson, Sydney P., Custom H. officer
Woods, Hon. G. A., Premier H. F. M. G.
Wong, Sam, carpenter
Wright, Geroge, A. Contabulary
Wylie, Rev. D. S., Wes. Mission

YATES, Frederick, hotelkeeper
Yates, Charles, waterman

Page 33



Abbreviations – Va L signifies Vanua Levu; Vi L, Vitu Levu

ABBOT, W. G., Rewa, Vi L
Adams, Charles, Taviuni
Aitcheson, William, ditto
Amos, Saul, Suva, Vi L
Anderson, Gaius, Savu Savu, Va L
Andrews, Thomas, Nananna
Armstrong, Frederick, Suva Vi L
Armstrong, H., M., ditto

BACH, John L., Rewa, Vi L
Bardwell, T. H., Dreketi, Va L
Barling, William, Taviuni
Baillie, W. G., Suva, Vi L
Bartlett, J. H., ditto
Barber, John, Wakaia
Barrack, Alexander, Savu Savu, Va L
Bath, William, ditto
Bateman, George, Ovalou
Ball, Edward R., Nadroga, Vi L
Beaver, F. S., ditto
Beddoes, George, Taviuni
Beattie, George, Natewa, Va L
Bevan, Samuel, Bua, Va L
Benntt, William, Suva, Vi L
Bennett, –, Yasawas
Bentley, H. Newry, Rewa, Vi L
Berry, John, ditto
Berry, Thomas, Tavua, Vi L
Berry, William, ditto
Berry, Wm. Holmes, Kadavu
Berwick, William, Bau, Vi L
Biganzoli, Louis, Loma Loma
Birch, M. Emil, Rewa, Vi L
Birding, George, ditto
Black, Stewart, Yasawas
Black, Henry C. N., Taviuni
Blatchford, John A., Nadi, Vi L
Bloomfield, James, Macuata, Va L
Blyth, James, Yasawas
Boehm, Louis, Kanacea
Borron, Robert, Taviuni
Boyd, Adam, Cakaudrovi, Va L
Boyd, Archie, Ovalau
Bray, William, Taviuni
Brankston, –, Cakaudrovi, Va L
Branwell, James, Bua, Va L
Brackyn, Dr. N. C. D., Taviuni
Brackyn, William, ditto
Brake, William, ditto
Brailey, W. S., Natewa, Va L
Breckenrdige, W., Taviuni
Brewer, W. H. O. H, Suva, Vi L
Brewer, W. V., ditto
Brooks, Rev. S. W., Taviuni
Brown, Oliver, ditto
Brown, William, Bua, Va L
Brown, Cornelius, Mokogai
Brownless, D.
Brownell, P. T., Loma Loma
Browning, George, Sui-Sui
Buckley, A. C., Taviuni
Bucknell, Ch. W. Nadroga, Vi L
Burness, Thos., Tavua, Vi L
Bulmer, Bedford, Natewa, Va L
Burns, Robert, Rewa, Vi L
Burns, James, Nadrogi, Vi L
Burrowes, Samuel, Taviuni
Burt, John T., Goro
Byrne, James, Nadroga, Vi L

CAMERON, Robert, Natewa, Va L
Cameron, John K, Cakaudrovi, Va L
Campion, G., Dreketi, Va L
Cabel, Robert, Taviuni
Cadogan, Edward, Savu Savu, Va L
Campbell, A. M., Taviuni
Campbell, W. B., ditto
Campbell, –, Raki Raki, Vi L
Caly, A., ditto
Caldicott, A. Millwater, Ovalou
Carey, Rev. Jesse, Rewa Vi L
Cave, Richard T. W., Dreketi, Va L
Cazely, O., Taviuni
Carew, G. Walter, Rewa, Vi L
Camradt, Fred., Nadroga, Vi L
Chalmers, Nathaniel, Goro
Chalmbers, Dr., Goro
Chalmers, Wilmot, Rewa, Vi L
Chambers, William, Natewa, Va L
Child, –, Savu Savu, Va L
Chaffin, –, Savu Savvu, Va L
Clark, A. C., Nadroga, Vi L
Clark, James, ditto
Cole, John, Ba, Vi L
Cowan, Joseph H., Nadrogra, Vi L
Cooksley, T. N., ditto

Page 34
Cooke, W. E., Suva, Vi L
Cooper, J. A., Raki Raki, Vi L
Coin, J. T., Rewa, Vi L
Cook, N. J. Savu Savu, Va L
Coleman, Richard, ditto
Coxen, William, Taviuni
Cooper, –, Rewa, Vi L
Crow, J. L., Rewa, Vi L
Cunningham, –, Goro

DALY, Lional, Naua, Vi L
Dalton, John, Suva, Vi L
Danford, Henry, Navua, Vi L
Day, Henry, ditto
Davidson, Thomas, Suva, Vi L
Davis, John, ditto
Davis, F. H., Rewa, Vi L
Deans, J., Kadavu
DeArcy, D., Taviuni
D’Este, Baron, Tavua, Vi L
DeWolf, R. W., Rewa, Vi L
DeVaux, William, Taviuni
Dickson, George A., ditto
Dillion, –, Suva, Vi L
Duinock, –, ditto
Dodds, James, Savu Savu, Va L
Dodds, John, ditto
Dodds, Mark, ditto
Dodds, –, Rewa, Vi L
Dods, John, ditto
Dowie, Thomas, Nadroga, Vi L
Doughty, –, Yasawas
Dorganas, F. Straube, Taviuni
Drew, W. N., Lelakaba, Vi L
Drew, R. A., Suva, Vi L
Drury, V., Rea, Vi L
Drury, J. King, Taviuni
Drury, Chas. L., Rewa, Vi L
Driver, Isaac, Cakaudrovi, Va L
Ducker, F., Loma Loma
Duppa, Euston, W., Ringgold Group
Dyer, –, Bua, Va L

EASTGATE, Alfred, Yasawas
Eastgate, Nenry, Rewa, Vi L
Egerstrom, C. J., Suva, Vi L
Edgerley, John, Rewa, Vi L
Edkins, George, ditto
Ellis, John, Taviuni
Elphinston, Alexander, Siga Toka, Vi L
Elphinston, William, Taviuni
Ellis, Charles, Rewa, Vi L
Elder, David, Cakaudrovi, Va L
Emberson, Horace, G. C., Cia-cia
Eritton, J., Taviuni
Ewing, A. M., Kadavu
Ewen, –, Suva, Vi L
Evans, F. R., Yasawas
Evans, Louis, ditto
Evans, R. W., Taviuni
Evans, William, Loma Loma

FAIRWKATHER, George Taviuni
Farrell, Thoms., Sirua, Vi L
Fennessy, –, Cakaudrovi, Va L
Fenton, Thos., ditto
Field, H. Harris, Munia
Findlay, John, Taviuni
Fisher, Fred., Dreketi, Va L
Fisher, Edward, Taviuni
Fisher, John, ditto
Fisher, Thomas, ditto
Ford, Roderick, Rewa, Vi L
Ford, William, dito
Ford, Henry, ditto
Ford, Edward, dito
Ford, Francis, Nairai
Forbes, Armitage, Kadavu
Forbes, R. A., Dreketi, Vaa L
Forsythe, Samuel, Naidi, Va L
Fox, Patrick, Nadroga, Vi L
Foxton, Frank, Loma Loma
Fraser, M. H. Korotuba, Vi L
Fraser, C., Serua, Vi L
French, –, Dreketi, Va L
Friend, P. S.
Frost, George, Kadavu
Fallan, Frank, Suva
Fullan, Frank, Suva
Fulton, R. Gammel, Savu Savu, Vav L

GARDINER, Wm., Savu Savu, Vi L
Gardiner, D., ditto
Gardiner, J., Loma Loma, Vi L
Gardiner, William, Viti Levu
Garnett, Thos. G., Navua, Vi L
Gatward, Wm., Suva, Vi L
Galloway, Robert, Goro
Gale, William, Suva Vi L
Gallagher, John, Ovalou
Gaul, John, Taviuni
Gerrish, George, Moturiki
Gibbes, –, Bua, Va L
Gilbin, –, Cakaudrove, Va L
Good, George, Savu Savu, Va L
Gordon, –, Nadi, Vi L
Gough, James H.
Gosling, John R., Loma Loma
Graburn, William, Nadroga, Vi L
Grant, William M., Loma Loma
Grant, F., ditto
Graham, E. T., Rewa, Vi L
Graham, A. H., Navua, Vi L
Griffiths, T., Loma Loma
Groom, J. H., Drekeit, Va L
Grevsumhl, E. A., Nadroga, Vi L
Gundry, John, Taviuni
Glenny, Joseph, Dreketi, Va L
Glenny, George, ditto
Gilliam, Henry, Cakaudrovi, Va L
Gumbry, Chas., Dreketi, Va L
Gwynne, Arden, Loma Loma
Gywnne, F., ditto
Gurney, Ben., Navua, Vi L

Page 35

HALL, John, Suva, Vi L
Hamilton, Hunter, Taviuni
Hamilton, –, Cakaudrove, Va L
Handyside, –, Yasawas
Harrison, –, Navua, Vi L
Harris, Frederick, Nadi, Vi L
Harrington, Henry, Savu Savu, Va L
Hannah, –, Vit Levu Bay
Hawkius, C. F., Cakaudrovi, Va L
Hayues, T. G., Suva, Vi L
Hathaway, Isaac, Wainunu, Va L
Heffernan, Edard, Suva, Vi L
Henry, B. R., Suva, Vi L
Henry, G. M., Cakaudrovi, Vaa L
Henley, –, Dreketi, Va L
Hennings, Wm., Loma Loma
Heritage, Edward, Kadavu
Hepburn, Henry, Navua
Hetherington, Richard, Dreketi, Va L
Hetherington, Chas., ditto
Heyward, R., Savu Savu, Va L
Hicks, John, Suva Vi L
Hill, John, Kadavu
Hill, John, Rabi
Hilton, John, Goro
Hinze, Walter, Taviuni
Hobbs, John, Rewa, Vi L
Hoim, Henry, Katafafa
Holmes, R. L., Bua, Va L
Howson, J., Kadavu
Hoyte, J. Walker, Taviuni
Hoyte, Theodore, ditto
Humphries, George, Navua, Vi L
Hunter, Walter, Taviuni
Hunter, John, Loma Loma

INCHBOARD, William, Navua
Ireland, DeCourcy, Ba

JACKSON, Francis, A., Savu Savu, Va L
Joye, D., Cakaudrovi, Va L
Joyce, W., H. ditto
Joyce, J. A., ditto
Jules, James, Taviuni
Jones, C. Hague, ditto
Jones, William, Mago
Jack, William, Ba, Vi L
Jack, John, ditto
Johnston, Montague, Nadroga, Vi L
Johnston, John, Taviuni
Joske, Paul, Suva, Vi L
Joske, A. B., ditto
Joske, V., ditto
Johnston, A. Waugh, Taviuni
Johnson, S. F., Bua, Va L
Jones, B. Hadley, Viti Levu
Jones, Henry, Navua, Vi L
Johnstone, John J., Vuda, Vi L
James, –, Ba, Vi L
Jones, –, Macuata

KERR, Walter, Ba, Vi L
Kerr, John, ditto
Kear, R. W., Savu Savu, Va L
Keer, A., Nadi, Vi L
Kidston, William, taviuni
Kennedy, James, Ba, Vi L
Kennedy, James, jun., ditto
Knight, –, Bua, Va L
Koster, Carl, Rewa, Vi L
Keene, George, Natewa, Va L
Kelsall, T., Cia-cia
Kenny, –, Taviuni
Kington, M., Taviuni
Kinross, W. ., Korotuba, Vi L
Kingsborough, G., Cakaudrovi, Va L
King, William, Loma Loma

LANGHAM, Rev. F., Bau, Vi L
Lanyon, E. J., Taviuni
Lee, William H., Tai Levu
Lee, Henery, Mago
Lee, George, Rewa, Vi L
Leefe, Roger B., Nananua
Leggoe, Rev. John, Bua, Va L
Leslie, George, Yasaas
L’Estage, Francis X., Ovalou
Levick, Herbert, Loma Loma
Levick, –, ditto
Lennox, M., Cia-cia
Liardet, Edward A., Taviuni
Lindberg, Chas. J. Ba, Vi L
Lindberg, James, ditto
Lindsay, Rev., W. W., Viva
Lloyd, John, Gau
Lockington, George, Kadavu
Lockwood, H., Serua, Vi L
Lobo, Francis, Va L
Logan, Ernest, Laucala
Lomberg, Eric C., Cia-cia
Low, Charles W., Taviuni
Lower, F., W., Nadroga, Vi L
Luks, Herman, Nadi, Vi L
Lydiard, William, Savu Savu, Va L
Lyttelton, W. H., Kadavu

MACKAY, D. Scott, Nadi, Vi L
Macomber, John B., Laucala
Madden, Joseph, Taviuni
Magoon, James, Kadavu
Maughan, M., Ovalau
Magnus, A., Loma Loma
Martin, J. P., Gore
Martelli, Alexander, Goro
Mason, James E., Taviuni
Mason, Clayton, T., ditto
Maitland, John, ditto
Majendie, –, Rabi
Matthews, T. B., Suva, Vi L
Marshall, J. Kadavu
Marsh, Henry, Yasawas

Page 36

Manuelle, Charles, Navua, Vi L
May, Martin, Macuata, Va L
Meader, William H., Nadroga, Vi L
Meader, H., Serua, Vi L
Menon, John G., Nadroaga, Vi L
Meldrum, John, Taviuni
McCabe, John, ditto
McCaig, John, Nadroga, Vi L
McCallum,–, Lakeba
McConnell, James, Taviuni
McClymont, George, Suva, Ci L
McCollough, Alexander, Savu Savu, Va L
McCure, Joseph, Taviuni
McDonald, Charles, Suva, Va L
McDonald, Malcom, Nadroga, ditto
McEvoy, George, Cia-cia
McGrath, Thomas, Suva, Vi L
McInnes, Daniel, Nadroga, Vi L
McKay, John, Macuata, Va L
McKay, –, Mago
McKenzie, Thomas, Nanau
McKenzie, William, ditto
McKenzie, George, Taviuni
McKissack, John, ditto
McKissack, George, ditto
McLaughlin, J. M., Suva, Vi L
McLeod, Daniel, Taviuni
McPherson, Edwen, ditto
McPherson, William, G., ditto
McPherson, John, ditto
Middleton, George, Savu Savu, Va L
Miller, Richard, Nadi, Vi L
Miller, W. T., ditto
Miller, W., Navua, Vi L
Mills, H., M., Taviuni
Milsom, Richard, Nadroga, Vi L
Minchin, Thomas, Bua, Va L
Missen, Alfred, Navua, Vi L
Missen, E., ditto
Mitchell, Fred. G., Laucala
Monroe, John, Suva, Vi L
Moody, John, ditto
Moore, Athur, Naitaba
Moore, W. Marhsall, Taviuni
Moore, Ebenezer, ditto
Moore, John, ditto
Moore, –, Udu, Va L
Morel, Horace E., Rewa, Vi L
Morris, Frank, Savu Savu, Va L
Morton, Thomas, Yassawas
Morton, Thomas, jun., ditto
Muir, Thomas, Nadi, Vi L
Muir, –, ditto
Murray, D’Arcy, Navua, Vi L
Murray, Duncan, Nadroga, Vi L
Mundel, James, Suva, Vi L

NATHAN, Charles, Nananu
Needham, –, Macuata, Va L
Newall, James, Taviuni
Newmarch, John, Loma Loma
Nichol, John, Natewa, Va L
Nichols, William, Suva, VVi L
Niemann, John H., Taviuni

O’HARE, Bernard, Rewa, Vi L
Oglivie, Walter, ditto
Olliver, William, Ba, Vi L
Onslow, William, Macuata, Va L
Orr, Thomas, Suva, Vi L
Osborne, Thomas, Loma Loma
O’Sullivan, Eugene, Rewa, Vi L
Oswald, F. C., Loma Loma
Otway, Franc, Bua, Va L

PAGE, Silas F., Rewa, Vi L
Payn, John L’C., Bua, Vi L
Parsons, Henry, Taviuni
Parrott, James, Loma Loma
Parsons, Thos., Suva, Vi L
Peate, Francis H., Uda, Va L
Peater, George, ditto
Peate, William, Taviuni
Peachy, R. F., Savu Savu, Va L
Peachy, –, Loma Loma
Peckham, William, Taviuni
Pense, E., J., Savu Savu, Va L
Petersen, Gustavus, Taiuni
Petersen, Peter, ditto
Petersen, peter, Savu Savu, Va L
Peterson, J. Hewitt, Taviuni
Petrie, Thomas, Lakeba
Philpott, –, Taviuni
Phillis, J., Kadavu
Phillips, T., Bua, Va L
Phillips, H. J., Va L
Pfluger, John, Ba, Vi L
Pickering, Thomas, Tai Levu
Pillans, Albert, Savu Savu, Va L
Pinnock, C. D., Nadi, Vi L
Pitcher, George H., Natewa, Va L
Prender, John, Taviuni
Proctor, James, Ba, Vi L
Purcill, Frederick, Natewa, Va L
Pyle, Alexander, Dreketi, Va L

QUINN, C. A., Bua, Va L

RANDALL, John, Rewa, Vi L
Randall, Wesley, ditto
Ray, Charles, Nanaua
Rebman, Charles, Kau[???]
Reece, William, Rewa, V L
Reed, Thomas, Mago
Reed, Thomas, Natewa, Va L
Reed, Thomas, Suva, Vi L
Reid, James, Rewa, Vi L
Rennie, John, Nadroga, Vi L
Rennie, George, ditto
Rennie, John, Taviuni
Rich, D., Gau
Richard, George, Savu Savu, Va L
Richardson, G. W., Taviuni

Page 37

Ridsdale, –, Nadi, Vi L
Ritterhoff, Charles, Macuata, Va L
Ritterhoff, Daniel, ditto
Robertson, William, Tai Levu
Robson, Rev. J., Kadavu
Robinson, –, Macuata, Va L
Robinson, William, Savu Savu, Va L
Rooney, Rev. Isaac, Loma Loma
Rootes, Rev. J., Lakeba
Rosa, John, Laucala
Ross, William, Natewa, Va L
Round, Charles, Serua, Vi L
Roy, William, Bua, Va L
Russen, Benjamine, Mago
Ryan, Laurence, Taviuni
Ryan, Patrick, Suva, Vi L
Ryder, Rupert, Mago
Ryder, Thomas, ditto
Ryder, Charles, ditto
Ryder, George, ditto
Ryder, Henry, ditto
Rydel, A., Ba, Vi L
Ryland, J., Natewa, Va L

SALISBURY, Samuel E., Rewa, Vi L
Scanlon, –, Bua, Va L
Schaddlen, J. E., Rewa, Vi L
Scholes, J., Goro
Schwidler, W., Natewa, Va L
Scott, Daniel, Suva, Vi L
Scott, John, Loma Loma
Scott, –, Tai Levu
Searle, E., Macuata, Va L
Seaton, –, Serua, Vi L
Seers, John
Scivewright, Fred., Taviuni
Sellars, Thomas, ditto
Shaw, Francis, Savu Savu, Va L
Shute, Thos. R., Naidi, Va L
Shinnock, R., Raki Raki, Vi L
Simpson, A. H., Kadavu
Simpson, James, Natewa, Va L
Sinclair, William B., Navua, Vi L
Sleigh, George, Rewa, Vi L
Smith, Albert H., Nadroga, Vi L
Smith, B., Mago
Smith, F. W. W., Rewa, Vi L
Smith, Fred, Suva, Vi L
Smith, G H. Taviuni
Smith, H. Backhouse, Savu Savu, Va L
Smith, John, Loma Loma
Smith, John, Rewa, Vi L
Smith, Lester N., Suva, Vi L
Smith, T., Eland, Nadroga, Vi L
Smith, Richard W., Savu Savu, Vi L
Smith, William C., Suva, Vi
Snelling, S. A., Natewa, Va L
Soderberg, H. E., Ba, Vi L
Spence, W., Moturiki
Stanley, P., Rewa, Vi L
Sterling, William, Ba, Vi L
Stephenson, Charles, Rewa, Vi L
Steiner, Jacob, Macuata, Va L
St. John, A. A, Raki Raki, Vi L
St. John, S. A., ditto
Stokes, John, Savu Savu, Va L
Stolz, John F., Tai Levu
Storcks, Jacob P., Rewa, I L
Strange, –, Taviuni
Starcks, John, Yassawas
Strut, W., H., Savu Savu, Va L
Sullivan, R. J. P., Ba, Vi L
Swayne, C. R. Bua, Va L

TACKLE, George, Suva, Vi L
Tarte, J. V., Taviuni
Tatum, J. K., Savu Savu, Va L
Taylor, Archibald, Tai Levu
Taylor, Thomas, Ovalou
Taylor, W. E., Kadavu
Temperley, A., Loma Loma
Tempest, Alfred, Natawa, Va L
Tempest, J., ditto
Thomas, J., Tavua, Vi L
Thomas, W., Rewa, Vi L
Thompson, H. Campion, Navua, Vi L
Thompson, G., Kadavu
Thompson, W., Hat Island
Thompson, S., Bua, Va L
Thompson, John, Nadroga, Vi L
Thorne, Frank, Vanua Levu
Thorsby, A. B., Mago
Thurston, Henry, C., Nadroga, Vi L
Towle, C. F., Taviuni
Trask, Geo., Nadivakarua, Va L
Tripp, H. L. Ba, Vi L
Turner, J. R., Rewa, Vi L

UNWIN, Samuel, Taviuni

VAN, Hagen, Loma Loma
Vaughan, Henry, Goro
Vautier, –, Bua, Va L
Valerin, Varengo, Bega
Vesey, –, Loma Loma
Villa, L, Yasawas

WAGNER, –, Lakeba
Wagner, Henry, Macuata, Va L
Wall, John C., Taviuni
Wall, Thos. J., Ovalou
Walker, Harold B., Savu Savu, Va L
Walker, J., ditto
Ward, Thomas, Taviuni
Warrren, W., Raki Raki, Vi L
Waring, H. T., Bua, Va L
Waters, John, Va L
Waters, Robert, Taviuni
Waterston, David, Rewa, Vi L
Want, T.
Weatherall, Amos, Rewa, Vi L
Webb, Rev. A. J., ditto
Webb, –, Yassawas

Page 38

Weiss, Joseph O., Taviuni
White, D., Serua, Vi L
Whitford, –, Loma Loma
Wilshire, Osborne, Bua, Va L
Wilshire, F. J., ditto
Williams, E. W., Taviuni
Williams, J. P., Suva, Vi L
Williams, Patrick, Taviuni
Williams, –, Tai Levu
Williams, –, Savu Savu, Va L
Wilson, Capt., Loma Loma
Wilson, Richard, Taviuni
Wilson, Thos, P. K., Ovalou
Wise, John, Nananu
Witham, Frederick, Goro
Woods, Thos., Kadavu
Woods, Thomas, Rabi
Woods, Walter, Lakeba
Woodgate, –, Macuata, Va L
Woodhouse, Edward D., Yassawas
Woodhouse, Thomas, Ovalou
Woodhouse, Francis, G., ditto
Wooles, John, Taviuni
Wooley, Charles, Taviuni
Wooloot, Edward T., Ba, Vi L
Wolf, Walter
Work, E., W., Nadronga, Vi L
Wright, Thomas, Ono
Wright, George, Taviuni
Wright, William, ditto

YOUNG, James L., Taviuni
Young, George, ditto
Young, J. A., Bua, Va L
Young, E., Macuata, Va L

Transcribed by Dulcie Stewart July 2014. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the transcription, the Fiji Directory 1874 has been transcribed as authentically as possible, with no adjustments to spelling or other features of the text.


[1] Turpin, Edwin J. (Edwin James) & Haddock, R. (1874). Turpin’s Fijian nautical and commercial almanac and Fiji directory, 1874 nautical almanac. William Cook, Levuka.

[2] Nautical almanac. (2013, May 3). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 03:56, July 17, 2014, from http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Nautical_almanac&oldid=553280079

Published on: July 19, 2015.

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#TeamFiji based in Brisbane. Artist/blogger/family historian.
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12 Responses to Turpin’s Fiji Directory 1874

  1. Gerald Sinclair says:

    Sinclair W B of Navua is my great grandfather. The land was at Baikini Navua, but we have never been able to find any record of who it was sold to

  2. Warwick Harcourt-Smith (Archibald Taylor great great grandson) says:

    Vinaka Dulcie Stewart.

  3. Jim KABLE says:

    My great great grand-father was Richard BAILEY, Dairyman of Levuka (from Sussex) – his 3rd child was Henry Weber Bailey born at Vagadacea, Levuka (Ovalau) in 1876 – died Sydney 1910. I’d be interested in any leads to other Bailey family members/descendants. My maternal grand-mother recalled pre-Great war meeting her grand-mother on a visit from Fiji – Annie Maria (née Weber) BAILEY.

    • Lodoviko Cokanauto says:

      Hi Jim, I have records that Richard Bailey purchased Matagi Island Fiji, 10 Aug 1867. Does your family have any other archives documental records.

      • Jim KABLE says:

        Hi – Louie? Ludwig? Lodoviko: I must have missed your note. I apologise. And thanks for this intriguing piece of information. I shall look it up further – though at this moment travelling in Europe – till late October. Sincere thanks. Jim

    • Leonie Bedford says:

      Hi Jim, I do hope this message gets through to you… Having done some recent research into my family, have discovered that we share the same connections. Henry Weber Bailey was my 2nd G Grandfather. Would love to hear from you!
      Email: bedfordleonie@yahoo.com.au
      Kindest regards
      Leonie Bedford


    Jacob Storck was our Great Grand Father, came to Fiji 1860.
    I have much information on him.

  5. Terese says:

    Thank you. My great great grandfather is mentioned here as James A Molloy. He was sub- inspector of Armed Constabulary. Would you have more information on him please. Regards Terese Molloy

  6. Candy Murtagh says:

    Hi, hoping someone may be have information on my maternal great great grandparents who were married in Fiji. The details which great great grandfather William George Weston (who fathered 3 children to my great great grandmother) provided for Queensland birth registration of their first daughter, Sophie Edith, born 29 January 1884 in Brisbane included his occupation as Master Mariner, wife’s name as “Ellen (dropped the “h” in pronunciation) Blanche, late Leigh (previous marriage), formerly Mackay (her preferred maiden name to Mackie), that they married on 25 June 1876 at Loma Loma (Vanua Balavu Island) Fiji & listed an earlier deceased male child (assumed born in Fiji)

    A Fiji Times article mentioned in Trove lists both William George Weston, Helen’s 3rd husband & Richard Leigh, Helen’s 2nd husband, as jurymen at the Feb 1874 inquest in Levuka into the death of William Brewer, co-owner of Brewer & Joske, sugar plantation company

    From early 1900’s after her 4th marriage to James McLaughlin (1894) until her death on 14 Sep 1943 aged 95 (death cert) Helen Marion Blanche lived with Sophie who was well versed in Helen’s life including a first marriage to “Henrie La Mond”, details unknown, excepting she was born in Wollongong to John Mackie & Emily Smith approx 1948/49. Sophie said Helen lived in Maitland & that Edward Hargraves who discovered gold outside Bathurst was related by marriage. According to Wikitree, there is a family tie to Edward Hargraves. Also there is a Helen Susan “born 1 Jan 1846” to John Mackie & Emily Smith in Wollongong. Helen always said her birthday was 17 Dec 1845 but her Qld death certificate says 95 (1847/48) which correlates with Sophia’s birth certificate which says on Sophie’s birth 29 Jan 1884 Helen was 35, hence born 1848/49. Her gravestone says 97

  7. Karen Jahn says:

    I’m having trouble finding my great grandparents Ernest George Oswald Beddoes and Jane Beddoes (new Laing), she was governess in Suva. My grandmother Phyllis Maude Allan Beddoes born in Suva. I can’t find their grave site as I’m planning to to Fiji next month (June)

    • Hi Karen, there are number of ways to find out where they are buried.

      If you know that they are buried in Suva – burial records for the cemeteries in Suva is maintained by Suva Prison. Their office is in the Administration Building opposite the prison in Walu Bay. Best to call in advance to get them to do a search before you arrive.

      You can also get a copy of their death certificates to confirm where they died and are possibly buried. In Suva you can get a copy from the Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages (http://www.bdm.gov.fj/aboutus_3.htm) or the Post Office in Suva or the National Archives of Fiji.

      Ernest George Oswald Beddoes (d. 1924) http://www.genealogy.com/ftm/b/e/d/Millis-M-Beddoes/WEBSITE-0001/UHP-0137.html
      Jane Laing (d. 1944)http://www.genealogy.com/ftm/b/e/d/Millis-M-Beddoes/WEBSITE-0001/UHP-0190.html

  8. Karen Jahn says:

    Thanks, I did look up Millis M Beddoes’ and emailed 2 years but it was disconnected ( I supposed) as this information doesn’t help. I’ll try death registery in Suva . I am in Sydney, NSW. Thanks for your help.

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