Stewarts Handbook directory of Fiji 1921


Allen, Percy S. (1921). Stewarts handbook of the Pacific Islands. Sydney : McCarron, Stewart.

Stewarts handbook of the Pacific Islands was compiled by Percy S. Allen and various editions were published between 1908-1923.

“A reliable guide to the inhabited islands of the Pacific Ocean – for traders, tourists and settlers with a bibliography of island works”

Divided into islands owned by New Zealand, France, Britain, USA, and Australia. It is then divided into separate island groups. Information on each group of islands gives a comprehensive history and geography of each island. This is often accompanied by information on government officials, trade statistics, churches, business, shipping, population, customs and tariffs, exports and lists of residents. It includes a map detailing the entire Pacific.

The 1921 edition lists Fiji residents but does not include others not having a vote. I have transcribed the list of residents (952 names) and Government Officials.


Rodwell, Sir Cecil Hunter K.C.M.G. – Governor (and High Commissioner of the Western Pacific)
Caldwell, R. N. – Acting Chief Clerk
Fell, T. F., C.M.G. – Colonial Secretary
Garland, Captain H. G., A.I.C. – Private Secretary
Pilling, H. G. – Acting Assistant Colonial Secretary
Stewart, D. R. – Secretary to Native Affairs
Westmacott, Captain R., A.D.C. – Private Secretary

Following are the Rokos (or District Chiefs) under this Department

Finau, Alivereti – Lau
Nanovo, Kininavuwai – Kadavu
Rabici, Joni Antonio – Cakaudrove
Seniloli, Ratu Pope – Tailevu, (acting)
Toganivalu, Tevita – Bua
Veli, Penijimani – Macuata


Rodwell, His Excellency Sir Cecil Hunter, K.C.M.G. – Governor. &c.
Fell, The Hon. T. E., C.M.G. – Colonial Secretary
Hedstrom, The Hon. J. M.
Scott, The Hon, H. M., K.C.


Rodwell, President, His Excellency Sir Cecil Hunter, K.C.M.G. – Governor, &c.


Fell, the Hon. T. E., C.M.G. – Colonial Secretary
Lees, the Hon., H. B., A.M.I.C.E., M.Inst. M. Cy. F., and M.C., Commissioner of Works
Brabant, the Hon W. H. – Acting Receiver-General
St. Julian, the Hon. H. P. – Colonial Postmaster
Stewart, the Hon. D. R. – Acting Secretary for Native Affairs
Strathairn, the Hon. G. C., M.B., Ch. B., D.P.H. – Chief Medical Officer
Holmes, the Hon. C. A. – Acting Commissioner of Lands
Backhouse, the Hon. P. R. – Acting Agent-General for Immigration
Kane, the Hon. R. R. M.C. – District Commissioner, Rewa
Mahraj , the Hon. Badri


Hedstrom, the Hon. J. M.
Scott, the Hon. H. M., K.C.
Marks, the Hon. H., C.B.E.
Clapcott, the Hon. F. C.
Riemenschneider, the Hon. F. E.
Thomas, the Hon. C. W.
Tarte, the Hon. H. V.


Rabici , the Hon. Ratu Joni Antonia


Anderson, Nurse Al. C. – Matron, Colonial Hospital, Suva
Asylum, Medical Officer, Suva Gaol
Bach, Sebastian – Government Printer
Backhouse, P. R. – Agent-General of Immigration
Baker, E. L. – First Grade District Commissioner (Lautoka)
Bates, I. G. – Registrar of the Supreme Court, Curator of Intestate Estates, Registrar-General and Registrar of Titles, and Public Trustee
Boyd, R. – Acting Chairman of the Native Lands Commission
Boyes, Captain E. – Adjutant
Brabant, W. H. – Acting Receiver-General and Commissioner of Stamps
Casey, N. – Superintendent, Suva Goal (acting)
Ching, Harry B. – Chief Clerk to the Treasury
Covell, W. G. – Assistant Engineer (Telegraphs and Telephones)
Crabbe, G. B. – Immigration Department
Dall, C. E., B.Sc. – First Assistant, Boys Grammar School
Davey, S. G. Town Clerk, Municipality of Suva
Davis, T. J. – Accountant (Telegraphs and Telephones)
Davson, Sir Charles, K.C. – Chief justice and judicial Commissioner for the Western Pacific
Disbrowe, H. E. – Inspector of Immigrants
Edwards, A. B. – First Grade District Commissioner (Colo North)
Golding, Colonel G. J. L. – Inspector-General of Constabulary
Gray, Alexander – First Class Clerk (Post Office)
Hall, Lieutenant-Colonel P. S. – Commandant, Defence Force
Hallinan, Dr. – Resident Medical Officer, Colonial Hospital, Superintendent, Public Lunatic
Harper, Dr. Philip – Leper Asylum
Haskoll, C. – Headmaster, Queen Victoria School
Hjorring, J. P. – Mayor, Levuka Municipality
Holmes, C. A – Acting Commissioner for Lands, Crown Surveyor and Conservator of
Holmes, C. A – Staff Surveyor
Jones, D. Garner – Headmaster, Levuka School
Jordan, G. R. – Inspector of Immigrants
Kearsley, W. – Wireless Officer (Telegraphs and Telephones)
Lees, H. B. – Commissioner of Works
Lord, S. A. – Inspector of Immigrants
Lucchinelli, I. – Chief Inspectors of Constabulary (Suva)
Ludolph, C. C. – Architect, Works Department
Maben, Mary Y. A. – Headmistress, Suva Girls Grammar School
Macdonald, Dr. H. – District Medical Officer at Levuka
Mackay, George, M.A. – Superintendent of Schools
Major, I. G. H. – Junior Engineer
Mann, A. J. – Headmaster, Suva Boys Grammar School
March, E. J. – Collectors of Customs (Suva)
Mathews, E. W. – Postmaster, Lautoka
Monckton, C. C. F. – Superintendent of Telegraphs and Telephones
Monckton, H. C. – First Grade District Commissioner (Ba)
Morris, E. H. – Chief Auditor
Osborn, J. F. – District Engineer, Eastern District
Paulin, George, B.Sc., R.G. – District Engineer
Pennefather, C. E. – Acting C.P.M.
Ragg, A. A. – Mechanical Engineer
Russell, Captain R. – Headmaster, Lau School,
Russell, W. E. – First Grade District Commissioner (Levuka)
Scott, H. M., K.C. – Mayor, Municipality of Suva
Simmons, W. C. – Deputy Commissioner of Works
St. Julian, H. P. – Colonial Postmaster, Suva
Stanlake, A. – Chief Inspectors of Constabulary (Suva)
Strathairn, Dr. G. C., Senior Medical Officer – Chief Medical Officer
Twentyman, E. W. G. – Harbour Master (Levuka)
Walker, A. – Collectors of Customs (Lautoka)
Wallack, Captain E. F. – Master of s.y.” Ranadi”
Wilson, T. M. – Collectors of Customs (Levuka)
Wooley, Charles – Harbour Master (Suva)
Wright, H., B.A. – Agricultural Chemist
Yeates, S. – Postmaster, Levuka


Crown Solicitor
Assistant Teacher, Girls Grammar School
Superintendent of Agriculture
Inspector of Produce
District Engineer, Lautoka
Superintendent of Agriculture

Source: Allen, Percy S. (1921). Stewart’s Handbook of the Pacific Islands (8th? ed). McCarron, Stewart & Co, Sydney. Page 412 – 415

List of Residents (Exclusive of Government Officials and others not having a vote) 952 names


Abel, Victor – Nausori
Abrahams, Samuel – Suva
Abrahams, Vivian Rudolph – Suva
Ackland, Charles Bell – Suva
Ackland, Phillip Bell – Suva
Acraman, Llewellyn R. – Moala (Eastern Division)
Adams, Willie – Nausori
Adamson, Arthur G. – Davuilevu
Addis, Francis Benjamin – Nausori
Agnew, Herbert – Suva
Ah Tong, William – Kedrakulu (Western Division)
Ahearn, James – Lautoka
Aidney, Cyril William – Levuka
Aitcheson, Thomas – Nausori
Albert, Norman – Lautoka
Alexander. Duncan Sinclair – Suva
Alison, David Mills – Lautoka
Allen, Frank Edwin – Lautoka
Allen, George Herbert – Rarawai, Ba
Amos, Arthur Wesley – Lakeba
Amos, Arthur William Frederick – Suva
Amos, Henry Alexander – Suva
Anderson, Leslie Norman – Lekutu (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Anderson, Thomas Raeburn – Suva
Andrews, George – Tavua
Andrews, Joseph E. – Wailekutu
Andrews, Leslie Alderson – Navua
Angus, William – Suva
Arbuthnot, Alexander – Suva
Arbuthnot, William Samuel – Suva
Archibald, Frank Adam – Suva
Arkins, William S. W. – Lautoka,
Ashley, Bertram – Lomaloma (Eastern Division)
Ashley, James George – Levuka
Aull, Robert – Suva
Aull, William George – Suva
Austen, Edmond John – Ba
Austen, Edmund John – Suva


Babington, Albert George Lautoka
Bailey, James Harold – Levuka
Baker, Alfred Edward – Nadi
Baker, William Carlish – Levuka
Ballantyne, Peter Gray – Suva
Barker, Alfred Ernest – Suva
Barker, Bryan Lindsay – Suva
Barker, Charles Frederick – Levuka
Barker, John James – Suva
Barker, Thomas William A., Nasese
Barrack, Alfred Henry – Natuvavou (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Barrack, Graburn S. – Natagani (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Barratt, George – Waimotu (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Barrow, George L. – Korolevu
Barry, Richard Milton – Navua
Bartenay, Arthur – Suva
Bartlett, Harold Fogelstrom – Suva
Bastin, Arthur – Levuka
Batty, George – Suva
Bayly, John Percy – Nadi
Beauclere, Augustus Frederick Wm. – Suva
Beddoes, William – Lautoka
Beddoes, Carl Ernest F – Viria (Southern [Central] Division)
Beddoes, Edward – Lautoka
Beddoes, Ernest George Oswald – Suva
Beddoes, Frank Charles – Lautoka
Beddoes, George – Lautoka
Beddows, William – Vunivasa (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Bee, Peter – Suva
Benion, William – Ba
Benjamin, Tom Gladstone – Suva
Bennion, Nicholas – Suva
Bentley, Alexander – Suva
Bentley, Charles Albert – Suva
Bentley, Charles L. N. – Levuka
Bentley, Frederick R. – Lautoka
Bentley, Henry Arthur Bond – Suva
Bentley, Richard Henry C. – Qeleni (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Bentley, William – Vuna (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Bentley. Harrie Percie – Suva
Berry, John Proctor – Labasa
Best, Clyde Edwin – Lautoka
Best, Stanley Benjamin – Lautoka
Bezar, Percival George – Nadi
Bindon, Henry Herbert – Suva
Bish, Albert James – Suvavou
Bish, Gideon – Suvavou
Bishop, Abraham Walter – Suva
Black, Charles – Nadi
Black, Ian Buchanan – Ba
Blacklock, John – Suva
Blacklock, Thomas James – Suva
Blair, Arthur Milton Beresford – Suva
Blanch, Alfred Stanley – Navua
Blanch, Robert A. – Woodford
Bloor, Albert Edward – Suva
Bonamy, Albert V. – Rarawai, Ba
Borrowdale, James – Rarawai, Ba
Borthwick, William Lockerby – Suva
Bossley, Sydney Burdekin – Nadi
Boughton, John – Ba
Boulton, Charles Warnell – Levuka
Bowden, Thomas A. – Labasa
Bowerman, Henry A., Kanacea
Bowerman, John Francis – Levuka
Boyes, Alfred Edward – Suva
Boyle, Charles Edwin – Suva
Brackenreg, Albert George – Suva
Bradnam, Edwin James – Cicia
Braily, Herbert John – Suva
Brewster, Philip – Suva
Brierly, Walter Clement – Nadi
Broad, Robert Gilbert – Rarawai – Ba
Brooks, Arthur Weston – Labasa
Brooks, Frederick W. – Labasa
Brough, Charles Allan La Touche – Suva
Broun, Norman Lees – Suva
Brown, Colin McKeown – Daku (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Brown, James Maxwell – Suva
Brown, Percy Thomas – Lautoka
Brown, Robert Frederick – Suva
Brown, Walter Raynham – Labasa
Brown, William – Suva
Browne, Charles Adam John – Suva
Browne, Cyril Francis – Suva
Browne, James Dunnett – Taivou
Browne, Samuel Moody – Suva
Bryant, Walter Alfred – Rarawai – Ba
Bryson, Thomas Alexander – Penang
Buckeridge, Edmund B. – Levuka
Buckland, Richard – Suva
Bucknell, Charles J. – Korolevu
Bugler, Michael – Suva
Burke, Henry – Rarawai – Ba
Burke, John Edward – Suva
Burls, James Sydney – Suva
Burness, Charles Albert – Nanuku (Northern [Western] Division)
Butler, John Henry – Suva
Butler, William Joseph – Suva


Caine, Frederick William – Suva
Cameron, Alexander Wallace – Nadi
Campbell, Peter – Suva
Carne Charles Herbert – Lautoka
Caroll, Richard – Suva
Carr, Frederick – Suva
Carr, Robert Palgrave R. – Nadi
Carruthers, William Ernest – Levuka
Carter, David – Suva
Caseley, Frederick – Suva
Cassels, Reginald – Lautoka
Castanie, Joseph – Navua
Chaffey, John William – Suva
Chalmers, Nathaniel Stuart – Ba
Chambers, George Charles – Ba
Chambers, James – Labasa
Chapman, John Duncan – Suva
Chapman, Leslie John – Levuka
Chapman, William Henry – Nawi (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Ching, Leonard John – Suva
Choquenot, Edmond H. A. – Cuvu
Clapcott, Frederick C. – Valalevu, Ba
Clark Richmond V. – Varoka, Ba
Clark, Geoffrey Harmer – Nausori
Clark, James – Sarava – Ba
Clark, John Ogilvie – Lautoka
Cleary, James Joseph – Suva
Cleary, John – Suva
Clutton, George Etheler – Penang
Cocks, John – Levuka
Coffey, Samuel – Ba
Cohen, James Isaac – Ba
Colahan, Oliver – Labasa
Collie, John Thomson – Suva
Collins, John Cyril – Suva
Collopie, William – Lautoka
Connelly, Ernest Campbell – Nadi
Connochie, James Ross – Lautoka
Cook, Andrew Laurence – Ba
Cooper, Cecil Richard – Suva
Cooper, Mark Stonehewed – Suva
Corbett, Ernest – Nacalia (Southern [Central] Division)
Corbett, Oscar Bowyer – Suva
Corrie, Alexander – Suva
Corser, Alfred Agustus – Suva
Corser, Charles Frederick – Suva
Costello, Daniel Bernard – Viria (Southern [Central] Division)
Costello, Patrick – Lautoka
Costello, Patrick – Suva
Coster, John Sydney – Suva
Cotter, William Thomas – Ellington (Northern [Western] Division)
Coubrough, Adam Adair – Ura (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Covert, Harvey – Waikava (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Cox, Albert – Suva
Cox, Albert Strains – Suva
Cozens, William V. L. – Mataniqara (Northern [Western] Division)
Crabbe, George Bernard – Kanacea (Eastern Division)
Crabbe, George Bernard – Suva
Cradick, George F. – Rarawai, Ba
Craig, James George – Lakeba
Craig, Milton – Tailevu
Craig, William – Tailevu
Cranney, Leo Claude – Lautoka
Crawford, Arthur E. – Rarawai, Ba
Croker, William Robert – Suva
Crompton, Robert, Taniavua
Cronin, John Thomas – Suva
Cronin, John Thomas, Davuilevu
Cross, Richard – Suva
Crowder, Arthur Phelps – Suva
Cruttenden, Edward – Levuka
Curry, Thomas Richard – Nadi
Cuthbert, Charles Edwin – Suva
Cuthbert, Percy Oalden – Suva
Cuthbert, William H. – Namosau, Ba
Cuthbert, William Hamilton – Suva


Dalton, John Patrick, C. – Lautoka
Dalziel, Robert Thomas – Suva
Danbv, John Robert – Suva
Dansey, Frederick Wm. Dowland – Suva
Davidson, Leslie – Naqati (Northern [Western] Division)
Davidson, Newton M. M. – Labasa
Davis, James Croxton – Levuka
Davis, James Joseph – Tamavua
Davis, Joseph Hughes – Suva
Dawson, Edward – Suva
Dawson, Wilfrid Radcliffe – Olosara (Western Division)
Day, Edward R. – Rarawai – Ba
De Francoeur, Thomas Le Clair – Suva
De Maus, Herbert Seton – Nausori
de Mouncey, Claude – Suvavou
Deighton, George – Suva
Denning, Edward Harold – Sigatoka
Dick, George William – Suva
Dickson, Robert – Suva
Dive, Jeffery Cecil – Lautoka
Dobell, Ernest C. P. – Suva
Dobson, Charles D. – Kavonagasau (Western Division)
Dobson, Ernest H. – Korowabuta (Northern [Western] Division)
Dods, John Robert – Duniua (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Dods, John Sinclair – Duniua (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Dods, Mark James, Nakama (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Doorey, Edwin – Lautoka
Doughty, Harry – Nausori
Doughty, John – Ba
Douglas, Edward – Qacavula (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Douglas, James – Vuna (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Douglass, George H. – Rarawai, Ba
Dowling, John – Lautoka
Doyle, John Carton – Nadi
Drury, Charles Albert – Koroivonu (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Duds, James Isaac – Duniua (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Dumper, Walter Arthur – Suva
Duncan, Edward – Suva
Dunne, John Francis – Levuka
Dunstan, Francis Vivian – Labasa
Dunstan, Walter John – Suva
Dupont, Francis – Suva
Duthie, James Gavin F. – Nausori
Dutton, Sydney William – Suva
Dyer, John Francis – Wainunu


Eastgate, John Albert H. – Levuka
Edmunds, Frederick Charles John – Suva
Edwards, Herbert Gilbert – Levuka
Edwards, Horace – Bua
Edwards, Sydney Harry – Levuka
Elliott, John Richard – Ba
Ellis, Samuel Howard – Tamavua
Emberson, Ernest – Suva
Emberson, Feleci Sipeli – Suva
Ensor, Charles Frank – Matei (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Ensor, Ernest – Levuka
Evans, George Albert Victor – Suva
Evans, William Atholstane de Lisle – Suva
Eves, Edward Ethelbert – Nasinu
Evre, Sidney – Labasa
Ewen, James Alwyn – Suva
Eyre, Charles – Ba
Eyre, Charles – Buca Bay
Eyre, Gervase – Labasa


Faddy, Percival W. – Vunasalu (Western Division)
Fairhall, Samuel – Suva
Farrer, Reginald, Hales – Navua
Fenner, Frederick William – Tavua
Fenton, Henry Moody – Navava (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Fernandez, Isaac Solomon – Nausori
Finnegan, Harry – Ba
Fisher, Edward – Viani (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Fisher, Meredith Edward – Buca Bay
Fisher, William – Buca Bay
Fisher, William Charles – Deloi (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Fitzgerald, Nicholas – Sasa (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Fitzpatrick, Frederick John – Suva
Fitzpatrick, John – Suva
Fleming, Algernon – Vuna (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Fletcher, Peter Haywood – Suva
Florian, James Joseph A. – Vuna (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Florian, John Baptist – Suva
Forrest, Robert Lawson – Labasa
Forster, Frank George – Suva
Forster, Robert Campbell – Levuka
Foulis, George Charles – Tavua
Francis, Christopher F. – Nadi
Francis, Egbert D. – Yaladro, Tavua
Fraser, George – Suva
Freeman, Osbert – Drekenikelo (Southern [Central] Division)
Friend, Frederick R. – Nasolo, Ba
Friend, Lionel Curling – Levuka


Gale, Reginald A. – Vunisamaloa, Ba
Gall, Percy Ernest – Naluai (Southern [Central] Division)
Gallagher, Michael Joseph – Suva
Gamson, Claude – Ba
Gardiner, Frederick Henry – Suva
Garnet, Hamlet Wentworth – Suva
Garnett, Jasper A. – Wainibokasi (Southern [Central] Division)
Garnett, William Gerrard – Levuka
Garrick, Godfrey – Nabnono (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Gault, Alexander – Suva
Geros, Peter – Suva
Gerrard, Herbert L. – Wainiuraura (Southern [Central] Division)
Gibbes, Alexis Robert – Suva
Giblin, John Crosbie – Nabouvua (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Giblin, Vincent Frederick – Suva
Gibson, Walter – Levuka
Ginn, Robert Norton – Suva
Goddard, Richard U. – Navua
Goodman, Harry – Suva
Goutagny, John Francis – Suva
Gowan, Joseph H. L. – Lautoka
Graham, Muir Crawford – Navua
Grahame, George Frier – Suva
Grant, Theodore Charles – Suva
Grattan, Henry Alexander – Suva
Greene, Roger – Domain Road
Greening, Herbert Richard – Levuka
Greenwood, Nimrod (junior) – Suva
Grieve, James – Suva
Grieve, Norman Bruce – Suva
Griffen, Francis George – Suva
Griffen, George Wilfred – Suva
Griffen, Gerald – Suva
Griffen, Sidney Alfred – Suva
Griffiths, Benjamin T. – Lautoka
Griffiths, Claude Cedric – Suva
Griffiths, Ernest Alfred – Suva
Griffiths, Harold Leslie – Suva
Gronvald, Harold Valdemar – Navua
Groom, Arthur – Suva
Guinery, George Alfred – Suva


Hall, Arthur George – Lautoka
Halley, Robert – Suva
Halstead, George Washington – Suva
Halstead, William George – Suva
Hansen, Alfred James – Suva
Hansen, William Henry – Suva
Hantler, Henry James – Lautoka
Hardaker, Graham V. A. – Ba
Hargrave, Vivian Sidney – Suva
Harman, Arthur Frederick – Levuka
Harper, James – Mt. Vernon (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Harricks, Reginald Arthur – Nadi
Hart, John Sullivan – Lautoka
Hart-Lewis, Harry – Suva
Hathaway, Alfred Sydney – Levuka
Hathaway, Ephraim – Suva
Hathaway, George Isaac – Suva
Hawkes, William Thomas – Lautoka
Hawkesley, Charles W. – Vuna (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Hawkesley, Edward John – Qaka (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Hawkins, Frederick W. – Naidovi
Hayes, William Roderick – Sigatoka
Haynes, Robert – Navakavua (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Hazelman, Thomas – Matalaqeri (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Headon, Richard Ferris – Ba
Heatley, Edward Martin – Suva
Hedstrom, Alexander D. – Tamavua
Hedstrom, John Maynard – Tamavua
Heffernan, Edward – Suva
Helliet, Yves Marie Julien – Ba
Helson, George – Levuka
Hembrough, Victor J. C. – Lautoka
Henderson, James – Rarawai, Ba
Henderson, James Watson – Suva
Henning, John – Lautoka
Hennings, Gustav M. – Vanuabalavu
Hennings, James – Levuka
Herbert, Claude Vernon – Suva
Heritage, Edwin – Suva
Herrick, Alfred – Suva
Herrick, John – Tamavua
Herrold, Arthur Bibra – Ba
Heycock, Edgar Norton – Dama (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Heycock, Harold Frederick – Levuka
Hickes, Edward – Vatunawa (Western Division)
Hickes, Frederick – Vunasalu (Western Division)
Higgins, Joseph Samuel – Suva
Hill, Albert E. G. – Batanikama (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Hill, Charles Brooks R. – Vunivutu (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Hill, Frederick Stanley – Suva
Hill, Horace John Francis – Suva
Hill, John Francis – Silivakatina (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Hill, Joseph – Suva
Hillary, John – Suva
Hillier, William – Suva
Hixson, Edward Manuell – Suva
Hjorring, John Peter – Levuka
Hobbs, Gerald Joseph – Lautoka
Hodgson, Herbert Henry – Ba
Hooper, Frederick Kay – Naidi (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Hopewell, Charles Horace – Levuka
Horne, Sydney W. – Suva
Horne, Thomas – Suva
Houghton, Herbert Edward – Suva
Houley, Thomas Joseph – Levuka
Howard, Henry F. – Rasikulu (Western Division)
Howard, John William – Lautoka
Howard, Richard Baron – Rasikulu
Howell, Arthur Albert – Etotoka – Ba
Howell, Edwin G. – Circular Rd. West (Southern [Central] Division)
Howie, Herbert – Suva
Hughes, Alfred Ambrose – Suva
Hughes, Henry – Lautoka
Hunt, Cecil – Koronubu (Northern [Western] Division)
Hunt, Eric – Lautoka
Hunt, John Linn – Nukuvoca (Southern [Central] Division)
Hunt, Norman Charles – Suva
Hunt, Thomas Harold – Suva
Hunter, Joseph David – Suva
Hunter, Norman – Cuvu
Hutchings, Charles – Viti (Southern [Central] Division)
Hutchings, Clarence A. – Tailevu
Hutchinson, Leonard William – Ba


Innes, Frederick Hugh A. – Labasa
Instone, Francis Edwin, Baulevu
Irving, Henry King – Lautoka
Israel, Albert – Suva
Israel, Benjamin – Varoka, Ba
Israel, Claude Samuel – Navua


Jack, William Thorn – Lekutu (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Jacka, John – Suva
James, Edward – Samabula
Jarvis, Herbert Stanley – Richmond (Southern [Central] Division)
Jersey, Louis Benjamin – Suva
Johansen, jorgen W. R. – Labasa
Johnson, Harold Charles – Nadi
Johnson, John Thomas – Suva
Johnson, William Henry – Suva
Johnston, Adam D. – Yalalev, Ba
Jones, John – Suva
Jones, Leslie Trevor – Labasa
Jones, Philip Samuel – Tabuta (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Joseph, Thomas Francis – Nadi
Joske, Alexander Brewster – Suva
Joske, Clive Alexander Brewster – Suva
Joy, Louis – Lautoka


Kean, Joseph Stephen – Suva
Kean, William Andrew – Suva
Kennedy, Charles – Nadi
Kennedy, Henry Lamb – Varoka, Ba
Kennedy, Patrick – Suva
Kerkham, Richard C. – Levuka
Kidd, Hume John – Navua
Kilroy, James Edward – Navua
King, Cyril George – Levuka
King, Gordon George – Levuka
King, John Dunn – Levuka
King, William Adam – Levuka
Kiss, George Henry – Raverave(Southern [Central] Division)
Knudson, Frederick Hans – Nasoqo (Southern [Central] Division)
Koster, Carl Howson – Navutoka


Lamb, Philip – Samusamu
Langton, Arthur – Suva
Lawlor, Ledwedge Arthur – Suva
Lawrie, Gavin – Suva
Lazarus, Henry Baly – Suva
Lazarus, Lewis Simeon – Suva
Leaver, James Hughes – Suva
Ledger, Harrie Mablam – Vuna (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Lee, Harold Alfred – Suva
Lees, Sidney James – Nadi
Lejeune, Leo – Kubalau (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Lelean, Charles O. – Davuilevu
Lepper, Alfred – Namawa (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Lepper, Robert – Namawa (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Leslie, William N. – Rarawai, Ba
Levy, Arthur – Suva
Levy, Noel – Suva
Levy, Solomon – Levuka
Levy, Sydney – Suva
Levy, Sydney (junior) – Suva
Lindsay, Colin David Alexander – Suva
Lindsay, Finlay Spilsbury – Suva
Lindsay, Robert Ferris – Waisavu (Southern [Central] Division)
Lindsay, William F. – Labasa
Lippett, Thomas Henry – Lautoka
Litchfield, George Edwin – Suva
Little, Edward A. – Nausori
Little, George Broadfoot – Lautoka
Livick, Leonard Charles – Lautoka
Lonngren, Mostyn L – Nausori
Lord, Ernest Sydney – Rarawai, Ba
Lord, Frank Colbran T. – Nausori
Lord, Roy Septimus – Nadi
Lovejoy, Casper Ebenezer – Ba
Low, Henry John – Suva
Lucas, Ernest W., Govt. Domain
Lynch, Cyril Stewart – Lautoka
Lynch, Michael – Dreketi
Lyons, Ruthven Stewart – Natuvu (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Lyons, Stewart Gore – Rabi
Lyons, William Patterson – Rabi


Macdonald, Norman H. – Viria (Southern [Central] Division)
Mack, David – Suva
MacKay, William George – Nagasau (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
MacKenzie, Angus – Nagasau (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
MacKenzie, Donald – Nagasau (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
MacKenzie, John – Salialevu (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Mackie, James Thomas – Lomawai (Western Division)
Maidment, Jacob – Lautoka
Main, Reginald – Levuka
Maitland, Tidieman T. – Lautoka
Major, Harold Harmen O. – Lautoka
Malcolm, Frederick Faithful – Suva
Mansell, Henry Leonard R. – Ba
Marchington, Henry – Suva
Markland, John Robert – Levuka
Marks, Henry – Suva
Marlow, Alfred Henry – Suva
Martin, Leone Charles – Ba
Martin, Sydney Edgar – Davutu (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Martin, Sydney Hampton – Suva
Marzan, John de – Navua
Masters, Edgar Paulet – Korolevu
Mathews – Barnard Robert – Penang
Mathews, Richard Twitchell – Suva
Maull, Alexander – Lautoka
Maxwell, William Samuel – Totoya
McArthur, Alexander – Ba
McCaig, John Daniel – Vunisinu (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
McCleary, Thomas – Rarawai, Ba
McClelland, William Samuel – Cicia
McConnell, Arthur – Vuna (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
McConnell, James – Ardmore (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
McConnell, Percy Reginald – Soqu (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division) lu
McCreadie, William – Suva
McEvran, William Buddle – Tavua
McF,wan, George E. – Rarawai, Ba
McGeady, John – Suva
McGinn, MT. Roy – Tavua
McGoon, David – Lautoka
McGoon, James – Suva
McGoon, Philip – Lautoka
McGoon, Thomas – Lautoka
McGoon, William – Lautoka
McGowan, Alfred James – Levuka
McGowan, Andrew Quentin – Suva
McGowan, William, Ernest – Suva
McIntosh, Colin – Suva
McIntosh, John – Rarawai, Ba
McKean, Dugald Campbell – Labasa
McKenny, Clifford Ellerslie – Suva
McLean, Farquhar Frederick – Suva
McLelland, John – Suva
McLeod, Alan Sherer – Levuka
McNiven, John Campbell – Levuka
McPhee, Robert Duncan – Labasa
McPherson, Werner Henry – Tavua
McPherson, William – Waikava (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Mecham, Mannsel Richard – Ba
Meldrum, William A. – Vunivutu (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Mewton, John Thornton – Suva
Middenway, Garry Henry – Ba
Middlehurst, Thomas Walter – Suva
Miller, Ernest James – Suva
Miller, George Weir – Nabouono (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Miller, Julian Bathe – Muanicula (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Miller, Peter Emanuel – Suva
Miller, William Joseph – Suva
Millett, John Hamlet Horatio – Suva
Millett, Valentine Osbert – Suva
Mills, Arthur – Waidranudranu (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Mitchell, Ernest Arthur L. – Lautoka
Mitchell, Leonard Martineau – Suva
Moggridge, John W. A. – Naluai (Southern [Central] Division)
Molloy, John Patrick – Suva
Mongston, Oliver – Suva
Monk, Charles Aubrey – Nausori
Moore, Frederick Southwell – Viria (Southern [Central] Division)
Moore, William – Ba
Morey, Charles James – Suva
Morgan, Alfred – Levuka
Morgan, John – Ba
Morrison, John Goodbrand – Penang
Morton, Harry Reginald – Suva
Moses, Charles Joseph – Levuka
Movick, Henry – Suva
Muir, James Andrew – Suva
Mune, Victor Archibald – Viria (Southern [Central] Division)
Munroe, John – Suva
Murray, Albert Lester – Navua
Murray, Robert – Suva
Murray, William – Suva
Murray, William Thomas – Ba


Neild, Henry Greenwood – Lautoka
Nettles, Charles E. – Kubulau (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Newton, Henry – Navisea (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Nicholls, Harold Warne – Nadi
Nicholls, Harry Moriss – Labasa
Nicholson, Thomas Patterson Knox – Suva
Nicholson. William Thomas – Suva
Nickoll, John – Ba
Nicol, David Ramsel – Suva
Nicol. William Smith – Suva
Nicolas, Charles Joseph – Suva
Nielson, Richard E. – Lautoka
Noall, Richard – Lautoka
Nugent, Francis E. – Lautoka
Nugent, Michael – Nadi
Nunn, Frank Leslie – Ba


Oak. Edward Arthur Milner – Suva
Oakley, Josiah At. F. – Navualevu(Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
O’Brien, William Patrick – Suva
O’Connor, Arthur Edward – Suva
O’Connor, Jeremiah – Suva
O’Connor. John – Vuna (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Ogilvie, Arthur Hebden – Suva
Ohnesorge, John Frederick – Suva
O’Mahonev, Cornelius – Rarawai, Ba
Onslow, William – Ba
Otterbech, William – Waidina
Ousey, Andrew – Nadi
Owen, Richard – Devo (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)


Paley, William Norman Awbry – Suva
Palmer, Henry Boys H. – Levuka
Palmer, James Robert – Nageri (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Parker, Charles E. – Narovurovu, Ba
Parnell, Roy Williams – Suva
Parr, Harold Ambrose – Levuka
Partridge, Ralph Senior – Suva
Pateson, Howard George – Suva
Patterson, George – Levuka
Patterson, George Henry – Levuka
Patterson, Reginald T. – Levuka
Pavett, William James – Labasa
Pearce, Albert Ernest – Suva
Pearce, Robert – Nausori
Pearce, Robert – Suva
Pearman, William Milton – Suva
Peckham, William T. – Salialevu (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Pender, Culbert J. – Rarawai, Ba
Penn, John Thomas – Lakeba
Penrice, Cecil Herbert – Waitakala (Southern [Central] Division)
Perry, Robin Adair – Lautoka
Peters, George – Suva
Petersen, Thomas – Ura (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Peterson, Dan G. S. W. – Lautoka
Peterson, John Ernest – Labasa (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Pfeiffer, William Albert – Suva
Pfluger, Philip W. – Lautoka
Philbrooks, Charles James – Ba
Philpott, William John Leonard – Suva
Philps, Arthur – Tavua
Philson, Archbald – Suva
Pickering, Abraham – Navua
Pickering, Charles – Lautoka
Pickering, George – Suva
Pickering, Harry – Navua
Pickering, John – Suva
Pickering, Philip Henry – Suva
Pickering, Samuel – Navua
Pickering, Thomas – Lautoka
Pilkington, George – Suva
Piper, Richard – Lautoka
Pixie, Alexander Anderson – Labasa
Pocock, George William W. – Naisole (Southern [Central] Division)
Pollock, William – Navua
Poole, Walter Robert – Levuka
Potts, Thomas William – Navua
Poulton, Edward Dauncey – Suva
Powell, Daniel – Lomaloma (Eastern Division)
Powell, Edgar Freund – Waidoi (Southern [Central] Division)
Powell, George Gerrish – Lomaloma (Eastern Division)
Powell, Herbert – Lomaloma (Eastern Division)
Pratt, Ernest John – Rarawai, Ba
Preece, George – Suva
Pring, Leslie Edgar – Coqeloa (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Proctor, Arthur Percy – Levuka
Purdon, John George – Levuka


Raddock, Edward Dennis – Suva
Raffles, Robert – Suva
Ragg, Hugh Hall – Ba
Ragg, Hugh Hall – Suva
Ragg, Joseph James – Lautoka
Ragg, Wilfred Joseph – Lobau (Southern [Central] Division)
Ragg, William Byrne – Suva
Ranken, Reginald G. G. – Lautoka
Reade, Albert John C. – Onema (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Reed, Henry Allan – Navua
Reid, David Romaine – Korovatu (Southern [Central] Division)
Riaz, Theodore Diar – Tawarau, Ba
Richmond, Ernest William – Suva
Riemenschneider, Francis E. – Nasese
Rivett, Frederick George – Suva
Roach, William John – Levuka
Robbie, David – Levuka
Robertson, George R. – Lautoka
Robey, Gilbert D. – Labasa
Robins, Charles James – Suva
Robinson, Frederick Oliver – Nadi
Robinson, Lindsay King – Lautoka
Robinson, Richard Will. – Levuka
Robinson, William Eli – Levuka
Robinson, William Ernest – Suva
Robinson, William George – Suva
Robyns, Charles S. – Rawarai, Ba
Rogers, John Fox – Levuka
Rogers, Louis – Suva
Rogers, Thomas W. – Wainikoro (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Ross, Alexander – Suva
Ross, Alexander George – Nausori
Rostier, Frank Charley – Suva
Roth, Alphonse Marie – Solevu (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Rounds, David – Navua
Rounds, Joseph – Ba
Rounds, Joseph – Qereqere (Western Division)
Rounds, Joseph Jr. – Qeregere (Western Division)
Rounds, William – Navua
Rushton, John Samuel – Lautoka
Ruthiven, Edward S. G. – Cuvu
Rutledge, Robert Taylor – Lautoka
Rutter, John Colquhoun – Lautoka
Ryan, John Henry – Suva
Ryder, Abraham Henry – Penang
Ryder, Frances – Suva
Ryder, Lionel St. George – Suva


Sachs, Charles Cochrane, Naivua (Southern [Central] Division)
Sale, George Augustus – Levuka
Salwey, Geoffrey Herb. – Buca Bay
Sanday, William Frederick – Labasa
Sanderson, Stephen Goodman – Suva
Saunders, Walter George – Lautoka
Schuster, Thomas – Suva
Scott, Henry Daniel – Levuka
Scott, Henry Milne – Suva
Scott, James Laing – Labasa
Seal, Eric. Burelevu (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Shave, Herbert L. – Suva
Shayler, James Thomas – Navua
Sheedy, John Thoiuas – Suva
Shepherd, William Edwin – Nausori
Sidney, John William, Navali – Ba
Simmons, Douglas Carter – Labasa
Simmons, James – Labasa
Simmons, John Francis – Penang
Simmons, Marmaduke D. – Levuka
Simmons, Roderick – Labasa
Simpson, Albert – Kuladrusi (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Simpson, David – Belego (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Simpson, George Forbes – Suva
Simpson, Mathew – Kuladrusi (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Simpson, Samuel W. – Kuladrusi (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Simpson. Robert – Suva
Sinclair, John Campbell – Lautoka
Sinclair, Percy Beath – Ba
Skaife, George Thomas – Lautoka
Smales, Ambrose Noel – Suva
Small, Arthur Frederick – Suva
Small, Arthur J. – Suva
Small, Charles Frederick – Levuka
Smith, Adam – Lautoka
Smith, Arthur B. – Mataideke (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Smith, Clarence Beaumont – Suva
Smith, David Benedict – Suva
Smith, Frederick – Suva
Smith, Guy Gemmell – Rarawai, Ba
Smith, Hedlev Prichard – Suva
Smith, Henry Backhouse – Nuku (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Smith, James – Suva
Smith, Stephen – Penang
Smith, Sydney Backhouse – Serua (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Smith, William – Suva
Smith, William George, Kanacea (Eastern Division)
Smoothy, Ambrose – Suva
Snowsill, Sydney H. B – Rarawai, Ba
Sollitt, Charles Frederick – Nausori
Solomon, David Jaffa – Levuka
Sorby, Thomas – Suva
Southey, Clifford Melville – Tavua
Southey, Cuthbert W. – Navatu, Ba
Spaeth, Frederick B. – Natuvatu (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Sparling, Robert William – Navua
Speedy, Arthur Edward – Suva
Speight, Roy – Suva
Spowart, Arthur K. R. – Lautoka
Spowart, Robert – Suva
Spowart, William – Lautoka
Spowart, William Jr. – Lautoka
Squire, Thomas Edwin – Suva
St. Julian, Louis Joseph – Suva
Stdne, Monty – Levuka
Steadman, William Reginald – Suva
Steele, George Henry – Sigatoka
Steinmetz, Herbert Henry – Munia (Eastern Division)
Stephens, Henry – Suva
Stephens, Wilfred – Suva
Stephenson, Jack – Rarawai, Ba
Stevenson, Walter F. – Banai, Ba
Stewart, John – Suva
Stocks, James William – Suva
Stockwell, Thomas O. U. – Katafaga (Eastern Division)
Storck, Carl – Suva
Storck, Conrad William – Suva
Straube, Paul Frederick – Suva
Streeter, William – Navua
Streeter, William – Suva
Stuart, Albert E. – Maloqereqere
Stuart, Alfred Wellington – Nakama (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Stuart, Henry Joseph – Sigatoka
Sturt, Alfred Ernest – Suva
Sturt, Frederick Earl – Suva
Sturt, William Thomas – Suva
Sunderland, Christopher – Suva
Sutherland, Henry – Seva (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Sutherland, John Martin – Seva (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Sutherland, William – Suva
Suttor, John Myles – Vuo (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Swann, Arthur James – Suva
Swann, Edward Arthur – Ba
Swann, Frederick – Levuka
Swann, Herbert Charles – Levuka
Swann, Lawrence Joseph – Levuka
Swanson, Abraham – Penang
Swanson, Alexander – Navua
Swords, John Alexander – Levuka
Symon, John Edward – Suva


Tarte, Augustus Rood – Vuna (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Tarte, Herbert Valentine – Vuna (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Tate, Frank Poynter – Suva
Taylor, Ernest Frederick – Suva
Taylor, John Clarke – Suva
Taylor, John Graham – Udukacu (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Terrien, Fabien – Wairiki (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Terry, Arthur James – Suva
Terry, George Vincent – Suva
Thomas, Arthur Percy – Suva
Thomas, Charles W. – L,autoka
Thomas, Harold James – Navisa, Ba
Thomas, Herbert W. – Lautoka
Thomas, Percy – Suva
Thomas, William Warren – Lautoka
Thompson, Alfred F. – Rarawai, Ba
Thompson, Arthur – Suva
Thompson, Douglas – Navua
Thompson, John T. G. – Labasa
Thompson, Leslie Muir – Davuilevu
Thomson, Reginald Francis – Tavua
Towson, George A. – Natuvarara (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Towson, Nathaniel, W. – Waibalabala (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Toy, John Edward – Labasa
Trewenack, William L. – Navua
Trillot, Francis Henry L. – Naililili (Southern [Central] Division)
Tripp, Howard S. – Lomaloma
Turley, Leonard – Tavua
Turner, George – Suva
Turner, George Henry – Suva
Turner, James Burton – Nasese
Turner, Percy J. – Naivalivali
Turner, Thomas – Suva
Twitchell, Thomas Clay – Suva


Underwood, Kilis Frank – Suva


Valentine, James – Suva
Valentine, James – Navua
Vaughan, Rutson Maury – Labasa
Veitch, Robert – Lautoka
Verge, Austral, Lageri
Vicars, Robert – Suva
Villeine, Augustine – Nabala, Naduri (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Virtue, James Patrick – Suva


Waddipgham, Frank M. – Nadi
Wager, Christopher – Motu, Ba
Wakeham, Charles Edward – Suva
Walker, Ernest Fearon – Nakama (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Walker, John Edward Pretty – Suva
Wall, Colman Conolly – Suva
Walsh, Robert – Suva
Wang, George Marcus – Labasa
Warbrooke, Charles J. H. – Levuka
Warbrooke, John – Levuka
Ward, Albert Edward – Suva
Ward, Frank – Lautoka
Wardrop, William – Suva
Warren, Frederick Henry – Ura (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Warren, Philip James – Mua (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Warren. Herbert S. – Rarawai, Ba
Waters, John William – Suva
Watson, Gregor – Nasese
Watson, John Ebenezer – Nasese
Wedlock Harry – Vuna (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Weir, William J. A, – Lautoka
Wendt, Alfred – Suva
Whalley, David George S. – Cicia
Whan, Mathew – Suva
Whippy, George Foxing – Suva
Whippy, Harry – Lautoka
Whitcombe, Francis S. – Levuka
Whitcombe, Henry Ernest – Suva
White, George – Suva
White, John Richard – Suva
Whitehouse, George A. – Levuka
Whiteside, Horatio – Sigatoka
Whittenbury, Ernest – Hooge
Whysall, Percy Ripley – Suva
Whyte, Albert John – Lautoka
Wignall, William Alfred – Lautoka
Wildin, Rawdon James Hastings – Suva
Wilfred, Lenin Arthur – Suva
Williams, Dan – Suva
Williams, Frank Alexander – Suva
Williams, Frank Armstrong – Suva
Williams, John – Lautoka
Williams, John – Nasade, Ba
Williams, Leslie W. G. – Waiwai (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Williams, Lilo – Lautoka
Williams, Nathaniel G. – Waiwai (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Williams, Robert Henry – Viria
Willoughby, Harold Jordan – Navua
Wills, Cedric Spencer – Drekeniwai (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Wilson, Edward T. – Vanua Ava
Wilson, Joseph – Navua
Wilson, Richard – Suva
Wilson, Robert Charles – Ba
Wilson, Robert H. – Rarawai, Ba
Wilson, Vere Graham – Nadi
Wilson, William – Suva
Wilson, William Alfred – Suva
Wilson, William Wallace – Levuka
Wisdom, Henry Steele – Navua
Wishart, James Bailey – Suva
Withe row, Alfred Hancock – Waila
Witherow, Amos – Suva
Wood, Edward Duke – Ba
Wood, Frank Edwin – Lautoka
Woodham, Alfred – Lautoka
Woolcott, Edmond Gibson – Ba
Worledge, George Norrie – Lautoka
Wotton, Stirling George – Nadi
Wright, Albert E. – Vunimacawa (Vanua Levu and Taveuni Division)
Wright, Georgius – Nasese
Wright, Henry John – Suva
Wright, Maitland Benjamin – Nasese
Wright, Robert – Namada (Western Division)
Wyte, Joseph – Lautoka


Yeates, Alexander W. – Lautoka
Youngman, Edgar Joseph – Tavua


Zacharie, Adrien Eugene – Suva

Source: Allen, Percy S. (1921). Stewart’s Handbook of the Pacific Islands (8th? ed). McCarron, Stewart & Co, Sydney. Page 430 – 439

Published on: August 2, 2013.

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2 Responses to Stewarts Handbook directory of Fiji 1921

  1. Patrick Allen Low says:

    Informative..Happen to scroll through and sighted my Great Grand Father listed. Thanks for the foresight.

  2. Patrick Allen Low says:

    Aside from past referrals made on my Famiy Tree;;;found these Directories 1874 and 1921 very informative….listed were my Great Great Grand Father Charles Wallace Low 1874 and Great Grand Father Henry John Low 1921……certainly mended fragmented journey of Kailomas queries. Thank You for the great insight,

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