Fiji Times: births, marriages and deaths

The Fiji Times newspaper was first published Saturday 4th September 1869 in Levuka. The following are transcriptions of birth, marriages and deaths announcements published in the Fiji Times.

Over time, more will be added, so please keep coming back. Currently transcribed from September 1869 – July 1870, with some miscellaneous years.

For a list of libraries that hold the Fiji Times in their collection, see


BENTLEY. – On the 10th instant, at Nai Vuka, Rewa, the wife of Henry Bentley, of a daughter. Fiji Times (February 26, 1870). p. 2.

EVANS.- On the 10th of March, at Port Morton, the wife of G. B. Evans of a daughter. Fiji Times (April 23, 1870). p. 2.

FISON On Sunday, the 22nd August at the Mission House, Rewa, the wife of the Rev. Lorimer Fison, of a son. Fiji Times. (September 4, 1869). p. 2.

GRABURN.- On the 16th inst., at Malo Malo, Nadroga, the wife of William Graburn, of a daughter. Fiji Times (April 30, 1870). p. 2.

GRIFFITHS – August 18, at Christchurch, New Zealand, the wife of Mr. G. L. Griffiths (FIJI TIMES) of a daughter.
Fiji Times (October 2, 1869). p. 2.

HILL.- On the 20th May, at Taviuni, Mrs John Hill of a daughter. Fiji Times (June 4, 1870). p. 2.

IRVINE.- On the 18th instant, at the residence of O. Cudlip, Esq., Levuka, the wife of Alexander Irvine of a daughter. Fiji Times (January 29, 1870). p. 2.

LOGAN – 14th May 1870 at Eugenie, Ryde, near Sydney, the wife of Ernest Logan Esq. – Eugenie, Taviuni. of a daughter. Fiji Times (July 9, 1870). p. 2.

MORRIS – At Levuka, June 15th, Mrs. B. Morris, of a daughter. Fiji Times (June 18, 1881). p. 2.

NIEMANN.- On the 22nd instant, at her residence, Levuka, the wife of J. H. Niemann of a daughter. Fiji Times (January 29, 1870). p. 2.

SIMPSON. – At the Bank, on the 5th inst., the wife of R. M. Simpson, of a daughter. Fiji Times (April 12, 1876). p. 2.

TURPIN – On the 9th instant, at Levuka, the wife of E. J. Turpin, of a daughter. Fiji Times (July 9, 1870). p. 2.

VAUGHAN. – ON the 23rd of April, at Dalomo, the wife if J. D. W. Vaughan, of twin daughters. Fiji Times (May 7, 1870). p. 2.


COOK—ST.JULIAN.- On the 8th inst., at Levuka, by the Rev. Jean Breheret, William Cook, to Annie Eliza, eldest daughter of the late Charles St. Julia(n), late Chief Justice of Fiji. Fiji Times (April 12, 1876). p. 2.

HAMILTON – BILLYARD – On the 11th November, at St. John’s Church, Darlinghurst, N.S.W., by the Lord Bishop of Sydney, assisted by the Rev. Thomas Hayden, M. A., Archibald W. Hamilton, Lieutenant Royal Navy, to Lily, second daughter of W. Whaley Billard, Esq., of Kirketon.
Fiji Times (January 1, 1870). p. 2.

MOORE-YOUNG. – On the 10th March, at Richmond, New South Wales, by the father of the bridegroom, assisted by the Rev. R. Sellars, Wesleyan Minister, William Marshall, Planter, Fiji, eldest son of the Rev. W. Moore, Missionary, to Mary Anne, only daughter of the late Joseph Young, of Richmond. Fiji Times (May 7, 1870). p. 2.

TURPIN – KENNEDY – On the 25th August at the Wesleyan Church, Levuka, by the Rev. J. Nettleton, E. J. Turpi, Esq. Land Agent, to Henrietta Kennedy, of Canterbury, New Zealand. Fiji Times (September 4, 1869). p. 2.


ALLEN.- At the residence of her daughter, Nai Korokoro, Kadavu, on the 31st March, Elen Allen, aged 53 years. Fiji Times (April 12, 1876). p. 2.

BUCKNELL.- At Koro Levu, Viti Levu, on June 2nd, Edward Hargreaves, youngest son of Mr. C. W. Bucknell. Aged 10 months and one day. Fiji Times (June 18, 1881). p. 2.

CARSTAIRS.-On the 18th inst., at Kingsbarns, Taviuni, Fiji, after a long and painful illness George A. Carstairs Esq., aged 52 years and lately of Mallara Station, Darling River, New South Wales. Fiji Times (June 4, 1870). p. 2.

Mr ELDER, of Kubulau Point missing from 2nd of January (1870). Fiji Times (February 5, 1870). p. 2.

EVANS.- On the 12th of March, at Port Morton, the wife of G. B. Evans. Fiji Times (April 23, 1870). p. 2.

JORY.- Died at Bissoe, Cornwall, England, on the 13th April, 1881, after a short illness of Bronchitis, Nicholas, the beloved, elder and only brother of the Rev. J. D. Jory, of Rewa, Fiji. Fiji Times (June 18, 1881). p. 2.

MASSIE.- On the 14th of March, at Port Morton, Richard, second son of Admiral Massie, and late of H.M’s. Navy. Fiji Times (April 23, 1870). p. 2.

MILNE.- At Suva, on the 2nd June, Robert Henry, only son of Henry and Louisa Milne; aged 5 months. Fiji Times (June 18, 1881). p. 2.

PERKINS – ON the 5th inst. at the Levuka Hotel, Thomas Patrick Daly, son of James and Margaret Perkins. Age twenty one months. Fiji Times (February 19, 1870). p. 2.

ROUNDS- At Na Tovu Tovu, Lower Rewa, on the 26th April, after a lingering illness, the wife of Charles Rounds, of Siga Siga ni Laca, Serua; aged 39. Fiji Times (May 7, 1881). p.2.

Samuel RENTCH – born in Bern, Switzerland, 1830, died 2nd June, 1869. Fiji Times(February 5, 1870). p. 2.

SMITH.- On Sunday, the 9th inst., at the Pioneer Mills, Upper Rewa, Cornelious, third son of the Rev. Elijah Smith, late of Penrith N.S.W. Fiji Times (April 12, 1876). p. 2.

VAUGHAN. – On the 1st August, at Doloma, Viti Levu, Mary, the beloved wife of J. D. W. Vaughan. Fiji Times (August 13, 1870). p.2.

WALKER.- On the 13th inst., Nora Annie, second daughter of Leslie John and Helen Walker; aged 8 years and 5 months. Fiji Times (June 18, 1881). p. 2.

WHITE, Henry. – Well-known lately as storekeeper, and formerly as amanuensis for Messrs Wilson, Hamilton and Co., of Vuda Point, met with death in a  most sudden and horrible manner. It appears that the unfortunate gentleman was absolutely scaled or burnt to death, by the accidental overturning of a kerosene lamp on the evening of Wednesday, the 7th of this month. Fiji Times (July 23, 1870). p. 3.

Transcribed by Dulcie Stewart from July 2014. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the transcription. The Fiji Times Birth, Marriage and Deaths has been transcribed as authentically as possible, with no adjustments to spelling or other features of the text.

Published on: July 19, 2014. Updated: January 15, 2015

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4 Responses to Fiji Times: births, marriages and deaths

  1. Leilani Tamu says:

    Hi Dulcie, what a fantastic resource – thank you so much for all of your work! I am looking for information about Robert Solomon and May Hill who I believe lived in Fiji around 1900. In one of your lists I noted the birth of a daughter to Mrs John Hill, I’m wondering if this could be May…any pointers you might have would be much appreciated

    • Hi Leilani,

      John Hill and Katherine Syme had 4 daughters:
      Rachel Elizabeth Martelli
      Kathleen Alexandra
      Fanny Caroline
      (Source: In A genealogical and heraldic history of colonial gentry (1895))

      Was May born in Fiji?

      The Auckland Central library have Fiji birth, marriage and death records on microfilm in their collection. Civil registration did not start until 1874.

      Auckland library also hold the Fiji Times as do other university libraries in New Zealand (

      • Leilani Tamu says:

        Hi Dulcie, thank you so much for this information! Yes I think she was born in Fiji so I’m wondering whether she could have been the grand-daughter of John and Katherine? Did they have any sons?

  2. leilanitamu says:

    Reblogged this on leilanitamu and commented:
    An excellent family history resource for any one with links to Fiji

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