ANZACS from Fiji

“In August 1914 Great Britain declared war on Germany, and sent out a call to every part of the British Empire to aid her in defeating the Hun. The small colony of Fiji, far away in the South Pacific, rallied to the call. Many of the young men living and working in the colony were from Australia, New Zealand or Britain, and over 400 of them returned to their homelands and enlisted there, some leaving on the first boat after the announcement of the outbreak of war”. ~ Christine Liava’a, Fiji in World War I.

Among those that left Fiji to join the Australian army were those who born in Fiji and were of European descent.

Mapping our ANZACS


Screenshot of Mapping Our Anzacs (2010)

Mapping Our Anzacs is an interactive database managed by the National Archives of Australia. It features a searchable database of WWI service records.

Originally launched in 2008, the website has had a revamp and name change since I first posted this in 2010.

Discovering ANZACS


Screenshot of Mapping Our Anzacs (2015)

The National Archives of Australia in partnership with Archives New Zealand,  has redeveloped this website.

Discovering Anzacs contains original records from:

  • Australian Imperial Force
  • Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force
  • Royal Australian Navy
  • Australian Flying Corps
  • Australian Army Nursing Service
  • depot unit personnel
  • official artists, photographers, war correspondents and historians such as CEW Bean
  • internees
  • munitions workers
  • New Zealand Boer War service records.

You can browse and search Discovering Anzacs without registering. However you must register to contribute a story, photograph or other information, or help with transcription.

ANZACS from Fiji

Using the Advanced Search feature, you can search for Fiji in either “place of birth” or “place of enlistment”.

There are 120 people listed as being born in Fiji and 1 person listed for enlisting in Fiji.

List of people born in Fiji (incomplete)

Addis, Harry Percy

Bach, Frank Lee

Bailey, Richard Henry

Baillie, Lavinia

Bannister, Henry Keith

Barrack, Graburn Stanley

Beddows, Arthur Henry

Beddows, George John

Benjamin, Melton Henry

Berry, Christopher James

Berry, Horace Thurston

Berry, John Holton

Berry, Raymond Dudley

Berry, William

Blanch, William John

Bruun, Alice D’Arcy

Bundock, Leslie Henry

Burns, Arthur Mostyn

Burns, Crayton

Cave, Mylles Wyamarus

Cameron, Herbert Florance

Chapman, Arthur Bua

Clark, Robert Henry

Cocks, Robert

Collins, Malvern Brayton

Coutts, Alfred Alexander

Cusack, Sydney Francis

Davies, Alexander John

Dods, John Robert

Dods, Mark Robert

Dooley, Edward Theodore

Dufty, Colin Francis

Ellis, Charles

Ewins, Harold Egbert

Fairhall, Samuel Ferdinand

Fenner, Claude Lionel

Fenner, Norman Edgar

Fitzpatrick, William

Florian, Julian

Forster, Robert Campbell

Forth, Gilbert Francis Ogilvie

Gaut, Edgar William

Gaut, Oliver

Gough, George James

Grey, Frederick

Groom, Arthur

Groom, Edgar

Hall, George

Hansen, Alexander Ferguson

Harris, Leonard Ernest

Harris, Robert Frederick William

Harley, Frederic

Harley, Thomas

Hartley, William Allan

Hillhouse, Leslie William

Hope-Hawkins, Henry

Hopkins, David Kiatia

Hopkins, Leonard Walter

Hughes, Charles Melton

Huon, Louis de Kerillean

Jacka, John Victor

Jennison, Horton Joseph Barrowclough

Joyce, James Albert

Kaad, Christian

Kingston, Harry Eugene

Kopsen, Eric William

Langdale, Marmaduke Phillip

Leathley, Desmond Forde

Leathley, Forde

Lee, Vincent

Liardet, Victor George

Lindsay, Carlton Wallace Gladstone Stewart

Logan, Marcus William

Marrinon, Joseph Patrick Vidal

Michael, Ernest Augustine Mawbray

Mitchell, Stanley

Morieson, Ernest Stanley

Morieson, Ivan Francis

Morris, David Millar

Moss, Herbert George

Murray, Edgar

Nevin, William George

Ninnes, William Robert

Nolan, Howard Cecil

O’Donnell, Frank

Price, William Lindsay

Parsons, Hamilton

Pinkerton, Robert

Raymond, Roland Lionel

Robertson, George Robert

Ruddle, Charles Henry

Small, Arthur Frederick Burrows

Snape, Harry Macleay

Sutherland, Nathaniel Alexander

Swann, Frederick Herbert

Swann, James Butler Joseph

Walker, Alfred William

Walker, George Richard John

Warburton, Percival William

West, David Jewell

Wilson, Adam Rankine

Wilson, John

Wilson, Percival

Worrall, Norman

Wright, Edgar Alma Mark

Wright, George Augustus

Wright, Maitland

Other features

Discovering Anzacs is an interactive website that allows users to contribute photographs, stories and help with transcription.

Additionally, the website features files relating to the war experience both abroad and in Australia and New Zealand.

Using the simple search feature searching for Fiji – files relating to Fiji can be found (apart from records for a person), including personal stories.

Please visit Christine Liava’a website Fiji in World War I for the history of Fiji Soldiers in World War I.


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If you would like to cite this post:

Stewart, Dulcie (2010-2015). ANZACS from Fiji, Fragmented Identities. Retrieved from 

Original published on: May 14, 2010. Updated: 18 March 2015.

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