John Stewart = John Jensen?

My family oral history is that my dads’s grandfather, Jack STEWART changed his surname from JENSEN to STEWART and that he was German.

My sister Laurel finally emailed me last month information on paternal grandfathers, John Stewart’s (c.1915-1964) death. His death certificate lists his parents as:

Father: Jack STEWART (Cotton Grower)
Mother: Filomena RODAN

She also emailed me information about Filomena Rodan’s (1893-1920) marriage to a John Stewart and about her death in 1920.

Filomena married John Stewart on 1st July, 1918 in Suva. Her death certificate is dated 26 September 1920 and children (living or dead in order of age): Thomas 7 yrs, John 5 yrs, Harry 2 yrs, Edward 6 months.

As I mentioned above, my paternal grandfathers, John Stewart (c.1915-1964) father was Jack Stewart. This is as I have been told by my grandmother (Lizzie ROUNDS) and my mother (Tunu Bernadette MAR) and from John Stewart (c.1915-1964) death certificate.

I’m assuming Filomena Rodan was married to Jack Stewart first and had two children from him – Thomas and John who were 7 years and 5 years old respectively when she died in 1920.

Then in 1918 she married John Stewart(?) and had Harry and Edward who were 2 years old and 6 months when she died in 1920.

Details of John Stewart from his marriage certificate to Filomena Rodan:

Full name:             John Stewart

Age:                         28

Occupation:          Carpenter

Birth Place:           Sydney

Fathers Name:     Peter Stewart (Carner or Carrier)

Mothers Name: Bertleson

I looked up the New South Wales Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages but I couldn’t find any records for a John Stewart whose parents were Peter Stewart and Bertleson.

I tried various Google searches but came up with nothing. Then tonight, I did a google search for Australia + genealogy + Bertleson and the first hit I got was a message from message board.

BERTELSEN of Hundslev, Als

Post by: Raymond J. Thurlow

Posted:            29 Dec 1998 10:00PM

Surnames:      BERTELSEN

Would be pleased to hear from any descendant or relative of Jorgen BERTELSEN, born Hundslev, Parish of Notmark, Als, Slesvig 24 July 1840,and his brother, Christian Magnus BERTELSEN, born ca 1837 Iceland. Their parents were Jorgen BERTELSEN (presumably of Denmark) and Thurider Torina MAGNUSSEN (Iceland). Jorgen (Jnr) arrived Queensland, Australia in 1871 aboard the “Friedeburg”. He married Ellen JONASDATTER/JONASEN in 1873 at Maryborough, Queensland.

This got me thinking…I hadn’t checked Queensland vital records. So I did a marriage search for BERTELSEN (Note: marriage certificate for John Stewart has spelling as BERTELSON) and got a marraige search result for:

Grooms name: Simon Peter JENSEN

Bridges name: Ann Marie BERTELSEN

Year: 1888

Just the name JENSEN got me excited but that doesn’t prove anything. So I did another birth search at the New South Wales Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages website and got the following:

Year: 1891

Name: John Jensen

Father’s given name: Simon P

Mother’s given name: Annie M

So did Simon Peter Jensen become Peter Stewart and John Jensen become John Stewart…I have no idea.

I couldn’t find any other children for Simon P Jensen and Annie Marie Bertelson in the NSW records but found a Mary Magdalene born in 1890 in the Qld records.

And how does Jack Stewart fit into all of this?


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